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Balance of the Masculine/Femininehow do i get happy?

Sometimes all it takes to shift your feelings and heighten your consciousness is a little color. As children we colored and it was fun. Enjoy this meditation coloring experience. Turn on some music if you like. Read and ponder the poetry. Choose your colors and have fun. You can put it up on the fridge to admire for a while and to remind you of the sweet balance we have available to us at any moment we choose.



Balance of the Masculine/FeminineBalance of Masculine/Feminine

As I embrace the feminine within
I honor the Divine Mother
As I embrace the masculine within I honor the Divine Father

I am whole I am true
I know what to do
I am stable I am strong My heart fills with song

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Chapter Three      from “Conscious Mastery ~ Freedom from the Inside out ”

coloring book image and poem by yours truly :)

love and light

Astara Summers



Love Serves..that is the nature of Love

Love serves, because it is the nature of Love to give, and it is not concerned with nor does it expect acknowledgement of its Gifts.

Gratitude is beautiful, however, Become the Love that does not wish to possess, for then Love is truly Divine.Love is Divine

Allow Love to flow freely. Direct the flow consciously. Energy is always being directed by the individual through thoughts, feelings, words and activity. Most of it is unconscious hence, the discord being expressed on Earth. Do your part. Wake up to all that you are and be responsible with the energy you are given. If you have a smile on your face and your thoughts are dark you are fooling no one but yourself. The Light that Never Fails knows All.

If what you are up to is not of kindness and love, step back, reconsider and course correct. No one is served when anything less than Love is being expressed, least of all you. This is simply Cosmic Law. Whether one wants to embrace, ignore or deny this simple truth does not change it in the least.

peace love and light



Once upon a Time

Once upon a time I loved deeply.

Then one day the object of my love began to frighten me.

Fear grew and behaviors began to twist.

Unchecked, fear took over and the one I once loved so deeply I began to hate.


Hate grew and twisted the outward expression even further.

It began to turn in on itself.

Without conscious recognition I began to hate myself.

Twisted to the point of being unrecognizable, I began to cry for help.


Those who heard me were not of this EarthThe only Ones to hear me were not of this Earth.

I wasted precious time doubting I was heard at all yet little by little I began to recognize small things, small miracles.

So small were the changes no one else could see them.

No one believed me.

I did not listen to the clucking of others.


Rather I separated myself from them so I could grow unhindered, with the seemingly imperceptible changes within.

Much time has passed.

Love and Light has shattered and consumed both hatred and fear.

Once again I Am free to love and be loved as it was in the beginning.





Healing waters~

Join me in an experiment or exercise if you will, aimed toward the healing of our waters. The focus for this is Fukushima Japan and the waters effected by this meltdown. Many of you have heard and remember this event. Please do not get caught up in the drama, the fear, the anger, the blame and so on.

Feel what you need to feel. Allowing your feelings to move in a constructive liberating way is what will bring about positive change. Do not get caught in the magnetic pull of the heavy negative energy. The intent here is to raise the vibration of the water. Direct the flow of love, the “I Am Love.” Let it pour forth uninterrupted by any of our personal qualifications that are less than love.

Understand the magnitude of the healing that is needed. The substance needing to be cleared, radioactive isotope cesium, is also present in the giant kelp off the southern coast of California. So you see, it is on the move.

Now recall Dr. Emotos’ work. He showed us how our thoughts have the power to change the crystalline structure of water and thus our life. As many of you know we are composed greatly of water.

Note to self: It is vital to my vitality to drink plenty of water. 
A dehydrated body breaks down on all levels.
before & after meditation

before & after meditation


Look at these two photos from the polluted Fujiwara Dam, Japan. One before and one after Buddhist monk, Reverend Kato Hoki, meditated for one hour.



Negatively charged thoughts cause the crystalline structures to become distorted and hideous. This is why I ask you to remain positive. Remember humans are composed of a lot of water. Perhaps you can think about that now and again. How do you qualify the energy that flows through you?

Look at the difference between these two thoughts, 1) you make me sick and 2) Thank you

two different thoughts

two different thoughts







See what I mean ?

Even if you are saying or thinking  “I am sick” you might want to remember this and reconsider :)

Now back to the exercise or experiment:  The goal here is to participate in the healing of the water. Every morning and every night send love from your heart to the waters. Know in your heart of hearts that the crystalline structure is rising in vibration. Have faith that the higher vibration is aligning with the divine perfection of God’s love. Have faith in the God within you and share this mighty love. Bring harmony where there is the appearance of discord. Bring health where there is the appearance of dis-ease.

As we heal the waters we heal ourselves; as we heal ourselves we heal the waters.

love, light, and peace



Health and Wholeness

healthHealth is a common topic of conversation. People may focus on their emotional, physical or mental state of wellness or lack there of. For health and wholeness to be a reality we must pay attention to all parts of ourselves. This is easier than one might think. We have a whole day to tend to our whole being.

We do know change is upon us and many of us are making changes in our life on many levels. It is time to look a little deeper at who we are as a whole person, what makes us tick so to speak. Caring for ourselves from this whole view perspective, we will be able to rise to the occasion should change come unexpectedly or consciously create a successful plan for desired change. Gaining an understanding of ourselves as a whole being instills a knowing of what is good for us. This includes what we feed our bodies.

 Here are some simple daily considerations to embrace that done over time will build momentum leading to an overall healthy lifestyle.

 meditationPractice meditation: Our emotional, mental and spiritual wellness will increase with as little as 3 minutes a day. Meditation has proven to increase the feel good part of the brain, just one of the many benefits. 3 minutes a day every day is far better than 10 minutes every once in a while.

Practice yoga or simple stretches: This simple daily commitment can be as little as 10 minutes a day. Yoga or simple stretching bridges the gap of separation we feel within ourselves. It calms, soothes and strengthens the nervous system and balances the immune system. You do not have to take a class to get started you simply have to begin stretching your body.

Beauty-of-nature-Take a walk: Get outdoors. Walk in the sun, the rain, under the stars or the moon. When we choose this simple pleasure for 10 minutes over television or snacking we begin to feel a deeper more connected sense of ourselves.

Alone time: We can get caught up in the hustle of everyday life fulfilling the needs of family members, work obligations and so on. 5 minutes a day to call your own will shift the way you feel. It can be spent with a good book, writing in your journal listening to music or, engaging in something creative.

socialize Socialize: We are social beings and need to interact with other human beings. Computers are wonderful but they do not take the place of human interaction when it comes to total wellness. Alone time is necessary but isolation is detrimental to our overall health.

What feeds the spirit; our very soul is everything we do to care for our physical, mental and emotional self. We are whole and connected. It is time to consciously consider all parts of ourselves. Carving out small segments of time on a daily basis to care for our whole being will build momentum making total wellness a joyful reality.


love and light



Spring has Sprung

spring has sprungIt is amazing how fast time is flying. We are already in our first week of April. It brings to mind just how important it is to make the most of our days and nights. As we feel the increase of new energy we can make the most of it by simply devoting time on a daily basis to some very basic practices. Our bodies need to be cared for and that involves good nutrition and exercise. Our minds need to be cared for. It is essential that we continue to learn new things, venture out of our regular routine and see new things, read from a good book that inspires personal growth. Our spirit needs to be cared for. We can meditate in a variety of ways, implement fun, adventure and playtime into our world.

When we embrace self control we find ourselves creating from a very powerful place. Self control is not denial. It is knowing what makes our body/mind/spirit thrive and putting action to our knowing. As we enter the second quarter of the year 2013 take a moment to review your daily practices. What does it include? Be aware of whatever it is you do daily and then determine if it is really something that will serve you in the long run.

No doubt many people are waking up. Some are finding themselves rudely awakened. By that I mean the wake up call has arrived via some big attention getting scenario such as an illness. Don’t let this be your calling card to begin doing what you already know is best for you.

As time speeds up so does our manifesting ability. Be aware of what you are thinking and feeling. It is in our thinking and feeling that we are creating our reality. Look around at your day to day life. What is working and what is not working? Now check in with the way you think and feel for the most part in your day to day life. What is working and what is not working?

There is no better time then the present to set in motion positive change. In fact there is no other time but the present for us to begin making positive changes. If you have been sitting on the fence letting ideas float about in your mind the time is at hand to apply action. Without action to support our positive thinking very little will change.

This is your life. Make it the best life ever starting today. Share of your self, your talents, your resources, what ever they may be.

Bring a smile to your face and share that gift with those who cross your path.

Life can be both really good and very simple.

Here is to you living the best life ever ~ Starting right now :)

many blessings be yours

love, Astara



Releasing~ a process of freeing trapped energy

To release judgment frees our mind, to release emotions frees our Will.

an excerpt from “Conscious Mastery~ Freedom From the Inside Out”

Releasing trapped energy to live free!Releasing is a process of freeing trapped energy.  Trapped energy comes by many names such as blockage, old charge, old baggage, repressed emotions, shadows, inner demon, and so on. One of the by products of releasing trapped energy is the development of new perspectives and an expanded consciousness. Another benefit of releasing is renewed energy, patience, alignment with Source and true personal power, greater health, lighter attitude, and so much more. Emotion in its most natural state is energy in motion. Releasing pent up emotions can be done consciously yet often occurs when a person is triggered into a release via an experience. Conscious releasing begins with a desire for change. Recognition and acceptance of what has been denied sets the transformation into motion. It is a path that brings an end to suffering and confusion. It is a path that closes the gap between Source and ourselves. It closes the gap between who we think we are and who we truly are. A successful release brings light to truthful feelings as well as a new way of seeing and living life in physical reality. Energy is consciousness. Vibrations hold information. Releasing consciously as a means of transforming energy brings about healing and a movement toward wholeness. Many say this world is just an illusion. In many ways it is yet here we are walking, talking, eating, breathing, and relating in numerous ways both in this world and beyond.

So whether we think of life as an illusion or not I am learning how to be in the world but not of it. I find that to be an interesting and worthy journey. It is because I am “in this world” that I have found releasing old patterns, beliefs and pent up energy so important. It is in releasing all the dark and heavy invisible forces that I find myself experiencing more of the “ but not of it ” part of the statement which in turn makes being “in the world” so much more fun.

There comes a time when direct experience becomes the path and the answer. We can read and bring information into our mind, we can meditate and contemplate, all of which are valuable experiences unto themselves. Still, through it all it is our ability to experience what we feel that makes this Earth walk so fascinating and rewarding. Our emotions must be allowed to move, evolve and in so doing they bring greater awareness and true understanding, to the extent that we are open and ready to receive. The Will as much as the Spirit, must evolve. In these times of heightened awareness both are attempting alignment with Mother/Father God. When we are aligned, re-connected, with Source there is nothing about being in this world that doesn’t reflect our creator. A wise man once said “ Show me where God isn’t.” The birth of compassion tells us He is everywhere. Releasing that which blocks the light from illuminating our consciousness and blocks us from the truth is the path I share.

blessings love and liberation



Share Your Wisdom

sharing wisdomGiving advice or guidance that is born of experience is likened to an explorer who found a way from here to there then created a road map for others. The road map would help those interested in venturing further into the great unknown.

Our consciousness is like a vast territory waiting to be discovered. The beauty of explorers who have gone before us is this:

They can share their experience from pitfalls to victories. Sharing from the heart of true experience provides plenty of gems to help us grow.

However, it is always up to us to identify what resonates true for us in the “now” because we may not be ready for some pearls of wisdom until much later or ever. When we choose to accept the love and wisdom, that currently rings true, into our heart we will discover a deeper sense of inner strength and courage supporting our growth. We find ourselves making healthy growth promoting decisions as we venture deeper within the vast expanse of our own consciousness. We will eventually come to discover our own inner healer.

maharishiSometimes a teacher does nothing more than point the way.

The rest is up to us. One thing after another unfolds. We move forward, deeper, and truer with growing conviction to be all that we are and have always been. There comes a time when we come to see your own experiences for what they are, no more denial, no more pretending. When we are ready to explore this territory we can and will embrace the understanding that comes with it. These are the moments when we are giving ourselves the gift of transformation. Transforming our awareness, our energy fields and ourselves from a lower vibrational resonance to a higher vibration. Once the new higher frequency of energy stabilizes within us our outer world reflection begins to reveal a new form, a new shape.

If you are in a position to give advice, make certain you are open-hearted and kind whether or not others follow your guidance. There is no way for any one to know what is right for another or when they are ready.

Experience speaks volumes and it shows in the way we live our life, the way we handle unexpected situations, how we act during times of success and failure, the way we treat our body, the way we treat others and so on. True experience in the realm of spiritual growth shows itself in people. Be the wisdom you share. Be the love that you are. The transformation within is, in itself, the sharing of wisdom.

Information without transformation does little to create change:

It would be of little value to give great advice and not live it. That happens when we have not yet had real experience in the area where advise is given and not lived. Information without transformation does little to create the changes in life one so desires. We must feel, live, remain open, honest and experience transformation for change in life to be sustainable.  Everyone’s journey is unique but that should not stop anyone from learning from others who have walked before us. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, practice, or study. We must actualize knowledge so it grows to become a well spring of wisdom that guides our every thought, word and deed.

In our time we have lost the connection of wisdom sharing from our ancestors. We live in a time where many people are simply regurgitating what they have read. For our lives to reflect the love that we are, to live life whole, happy and free we must delve deeper. We must allow for the experience of growth to be felt, understood and integrated within ourselves and into our daily life. We must do what we feel is the right thing to do even if it is not popular with friends or family.

May this year of 2013 find you bold in your growth, in your ability to shine your light, share your talents, your love and your wisdom through your actions.

peace on earthMay this year resonate with peace throughout the world

It all begins with you and me.

love and peace, Astara


Response and the Inner Healer

inner healer

We are capable of more:

The body has wise counsel to give us if we would only still ourselves and listen. A mind filled with clutter and inner conflict makes inner listening very difficult and in some cases impossible. Repressed emotions add to this inner conflict and to a great degree are the very cause of it.

Sooner or later the physical body holds what the emotional body can no longer hold. Everything we ignore, attempt to suppress and successfully repress for a time, will eventually finds its way into the physical body. Symptoms provide clues to teach us the true cause for disease or injury.

If we would stop suppressing or ignoring the warnings or symptoms but instead began to listen and release the “cause,” disease would not come into full expression.

If it has already come into full expression then releasing the “cause” will bring about healing. Transformation and healing are one and the same. When we reclaim the power to transform our energy we heal ourselves. The agent of the healing is love, self-acceptance and a belief that all we need to heal ourselves is within us.

Find the wounded consciousness associated with the symptoms or break down of the body and you are well on your way to a life long intimate relationship with your inner healer and a healthy lifestyle.

Connect to the healing power within: Continue Reading »


On Being a Guru, teacher, healer, guide or expert

awakeningThe shift and subsequent awakening is upon us. The vast numbers of books available in the spiritual, self help, self empowerment, healing genre is telling us that people are seeking answers like never before. The amount of information, teachers, healers, self-proclaimed gurus, alternative therapies and so on is staggering.

The good news: There is definitely something for everyone. My word of caution lies in what people do or don’t do with the information they consume. Many people are gathering more and more information without taking the time to process it, use it, and actualize real change. Others are inspired by a certain healing technique or modality and with little to no time at all are calling themselves experts, gurus or healers.

If we have not attained some level of mastery of raising our consciousness with a willingness to self-correct and have self-control we probably won’t be very effective as a guru, teacher or expert. If we do not understand ourselves and our own energy enough to have experienced a sustainable degree of personal transformation, it is unlikely we will be effective as a teacher, guru or expert. By all means shine your light and continue to grow. The world needs more light and it is up to us to shine. There is an urgent need for us to use the tools and information we are bringing in. We must walk the talk, have the experiences that produce real change as well as have some degree of real success in the areas we proclaim to be experts. In short, share from a place of deep inner knowing. Do not ignore your own need for growth, understanding, and healing because the spiritual growth industry is now your career path.

To attempt to come from a place you have not yet attained, understood deeply or cultivated will lead to conscious awakeningfrustration and could prove to be a disappointment for others who might expect more from you than you can deliver. No one is beyond learning, no teacher, no self proclaimed guru of the modern age, no expert. The journey is truly on going. All I ask is this: Be honest with your skill set when dealing with other peoples lives.  Embrace the responsibility with enthusiasm and an honest assessment of where you are.

Honesty is the best policy. Continue Reading »