Law of Abundance~Closing the Gap of Separation

The separation between the life many people live and the life they desire has become topic of conversation with the Cosmic Laws: Law of Attraction and Law of Abundance leading the way. As people awaken from the deep sleep of living life unconsciously many are truly wondering and wanting to know how to close this gap that separates them from the life of their dreams.

A lack of self-acceptance has created a gap between our creator and our self. The infinite wisdom of the Divine would shed light upon our consciousness giving us knowledge and understanding about the truth of our own divinity. Too many people feel unworthy of a life filled with health, love and prosperity. Hidden beliefs keep the cycle of lack moving and expressing through their lives. The mind in its most active conscious state may disagree with the hidden beliefs, but it is the beliefs themselves that make their reflection known to us in outer reality.

Self Discovery Exercise

Look at what life reflects back to you. Make a list of all the things you are aware of that you truly love and a list of the things you would change in a heart beat if you had a magic wand. Be honest and objective. Create a road map to your hidden beliefs by looking at your list and discovering what the underlying energy is telling you.

What areas of your life are prosperous or lacking? Where is the greatest love felt and shared? What brings you happiness? What drains your energy? How do you spend your free time? Do you have free time? What are your interests? Do you feel fulfilled in any or all of them? These are a few examples of questions that help with this self-discovery exercise.

Living life abundantly can mean abundance of any kind and too many people are abundant in the things they do not want or desire such as abundant stress, lack and anxiety. The focus is on everything they don’t like or don’t have. Many pray for abundance yet find it imperceptible. While visualizing or praying for the hearts desire most people quickly find themselves in the gap that separates them from true Source and personal power. In the gap guilt, denial, doubt and fear are constant companions. It is near impossible to manifest our hearts desire while we are sitting in the dark and widening the gap with more of our own fear and doubt. This is where we will manifest abundant fear, doubt, stress and all the attributes we are attempting to rise above.

Closing the Gap

To close the gap that separates us from true Source and the ability to manifest what we do desire we must spend some time in our own heart center. Here we can begin to feel what needs to be felt and quiet ourselves enough to hear the wise guidance that will assist us in learning to accept our lives and ourselves just as we are right now so we may begin in earnest to make the changes we consciously desire. Without unconditional acceptance change for the better is always met with reversals sooner or later because the core of true sustainable change is in the acceptance of “what is” right now.

Unconditional Self Acceptance

When we truly embrace unconditional self-acceptance for who we are and the life we have created real sustainable change becomes possible. Shifting our vibration and closing the gap is more than a mental exercise. It is something that must be felt. Feel what it feels like to hold your space open long enough for your prayers and desires to find you and manifest rather than collapse into the darkness with negative self talk and more lack. Practice having faith and being honest with your feelings. In the heart center there is a calm that allows clarity during times of challenge and change.

Sound Track

Here is a sound track that can help you remember to Hold Your Space . May you be blessed with the Abundance of your hearts desire. Love Astara

Consciously Be~Authentic


(written, produced and performed by Astara Summers)

Be     (Just as I am)

You are the wind.  You are the rain,

I see again Able and Cain

You are the fruit I gather dear. You are the One. You are the tear. You are the sky.

You are the sea. You are the One telling me

Telling me it’s time to Be Authentic me, it’s time to Be just as I am  Just as I am

Enjoy the moment a timeless drop, breathe in the life giving water.

Oceans, rivers deep and blue, when I thirst I will go to you.

You are the stars, you are the sun, You are the Love You are the One

Telling me it’s time to Be authentic me. It’s time to be just as I am…just as I am…

Go to you just as I am…I’m going to go to You just as I am

To Consciously be, accepting the self completely is thee place to begin any and all transformation or healing. It says that where we are is where we are. What we have become is what we have become. Good, bad, or indifferent doesn’t really matter, but accepting where we are and who we are does. Accepting the self on every level and in all areas of life is the starting point of transformation, healing, growth, evolving and becoming authentic. The authentic being that stirs within rises to the surface for our attention, for our love and is calling out to us so we may fully emerge for the highest good of our selves and all of life.

To align with Source, Mother/Father God, just as you are right now is knowing that everything you have ever done and everything you have ever thought has brought you to this very moment. There comes a time in every persons life when the raw truth shines through the veil of our illusions for our liberation. It is not meant to blind us or hurt us. It is meant to set us free. If we could only embrace that light of truth without excuses, judgment, shame and all the rest that keeps us turning away and ignoring this higher vibration we would be on the fast track to our own well being and wholeness.

This song was riding on the waves of the Pacific Ocean and flowed into my heart. I had just finished doing yoga and began meditating to the sound of the waves on the shoreline at Huntington Beach, California. It was in the early 1990’s during a time of great change and a new expanding consciousness of the vibration of unconditional self-acceptance.  Alignment with Mother /Father God is and always will be essential for me on the journey of evolving as a being on Earth. And as such I sing this song to the Divine. May you be blessed and Be aware of your blessings no matter how big or small.

Alone Time and Creative Energy

I have lived great pieces of time in solitude. It may not make me an expert but it does make me experienced.  What is life, if not experience? Fore how can one truly know anything if it is not felt deep within the heart. All things learned in books must one day settle upon the fertile prepared soil of our soul and sprout forth as experience.

Quiet alone time offers the  opportunity to know our thoughts, to connect with Mother/Father God and with nature. It gives rise to the creative energy that longs to flow through us if we would only allow it to do so. All it really takes is a little time and attention. Treasures within are waiting to spring forth. We needn’t pressure ourselves to be perfect in the creative expression of choice. We needn’t be famous poets, artist, musicians. Simply put, we and the world around us would benefit from the flow of creative energy.

I share with you a piece from my journal:

There is a quiet in the air, so grateful am I.

With time alone tonight I will paint. My senses are aroused, by the soft wind blowing through my hair and across my skin, and the smell of cinnamon.

The distant soft murmur of traffic sounds like waves touching the shore line, a backdrop for the close and familiar sounds of nature. The birds sing so merrily the bees and insects buzzing busily. I see the wonder and beauty of roses growing strong and purposeful. What purpose you may ask, to share their beauty of course.

My face feels the familiar smile that rises up so often in a day, seemingly for no reason. But there is a reason. The sun does shine within my heart. Peace permeates my mind and my soul. Light shines upon my thoughts they are forever rising. There is a transformation that takes place when words come in sweet poetry. It must be love. It is love, a love for life. This life is the most precious gift we have been given.

I pray that all who have grown to curse their life or the life of others come to see the light that shines even in the darkest places. It may only be a glimmer, it may only be a spark but the light that pours forth will create an arc igniting the truth within that waits patiently to speak. Judge no man. Curse no life. Let love expand, be done with strife.

The next part of this journal entry became a little poem:

As I write I hear a little thud

and come to discover a helicopter bug

he is busy checking out my hat

probably wondering, what is that?

No nectar, no life what could this be?

still it’s piqued my curiosity.

As I look upon him he holds ever still

I think i gave him a little chill.

My thoughts inform him I have only good intent

Take your time be content.

With that thought he begins to crawl about

investigating this new territory.

He seems to say, feels safe feels fine I’ll stay for a time

and so you shall.

I share this with you just to show how simple and joyful nature and the creative flow can be. I did not have a picture of a helicopter bug. Not even sure that is what it is called but that was what I remember it to be from my childhood 🙂

May you give yourself time alone, may you let your love flow with the creative energy that longs to move through you.

Guilt-The Unseen Dictator

Excerpt from upcoming book:

Conscious Mastery® A Soulful Approach to Wholeness

Guilt, the unseen dictator, is affecting and infecting many lives. It wields tremendous power in these times and I wonder if people really understand how much of their power to decide and to act is taken over by the power of guilt. Too often I hear people say, “I feel guilty about …” as if it is natural and all right. Many feel guilt will keep them in line adopting the illusion that guilt provides one with a good conscience. If we are accepting all of our self and have an open and loving heart there is no room for guilt and no need.

Guilt has the power to suppress emotions, strengthening judgments and denial because we are both listening to and believing the voice of guilt. Here again a lack of self-acceptance and healthy self-love is a gateway to dark slow vibrating energies. Denial, judgment and guilt work in concert to diminish power and hasten death. It is not just the physical death I refer to, it is the death of dreams, hope, love, kindness, joy, happiness, and everything else that makes living on Earth the journey it was intended to be.

Guilt exists in part because we give it our attention. It is our attention that provides the flow of energy giving guilt a voice to use in the process of manipulating ones life. Remember energy flows where attention goes. Like denial, the voice of guilt is as powerful as you allow it to be.

The more power given over in this way, the less power you have to live life by conscious design which includes choosing wisely and taking action appropriately. Like denial, guilt comes into being with the lack of acceptance for our self and our life. Guilt will vanish when one truly and totally accepts oneself for who they really are. In order for this to happen we must release the judgment and allow the movement of suppressed emotions that have been so long denied.

Regain your personal power. Liberation is possible. You make it so.