A Conscious Rise Above Survival

Survival Instinct:

Many people who live in a constant state of stress are unconsciously activating the survival instinct also referred to as the flight-fight syndrome. A state of denial accompanies ongoing stress. This can make a person feel anxious, depressed and desperate. The choices that are made are largely unconscious and out of balance. They either willingly let go of control or lose the ability to retain control.  Reacting or over reacting to circumstances and situations in life under this influence leaves much of the truth hidden in the dark.

An understanding of what is happening or what one is truly doing is outside their conscious awareness. The old pattern of either eliminating that which threatens their sense of survival or running away from the same keeps ones perception and personal power small and limited.

Survival Instinct ~ Action without Thought:

Survival instinct is not determined by thought. Action without thought is taken and felt to be necessary to survive. This has often resulted in an inability to truly save oneself from a perceived or real threat. If what is activating the constant stress is not recognized for what it is, it is in a state of denial. What is not recognized remains hidden in some way and continues to play itself out in ones life through debilitating patterns of behavior.

Regardless of whether a person is in real physical danger or not the survival instinct plays out the same. The flight-fight syndrome causes the pupils to dilate, and ones visual scope focuses in, decreasing the number of things a person will notice. What one fails to notice is unconscious to them at that time. It also impairs fine and complex motor skills as well, giving more energy to larger movement, such as lifting or running.

 Other Physical Responses:

The survival instinct tells our brain to put the hypothalamus to work triggering the adrenal glands to release hormones including adrenaline and cortisol. In a more peaceful time the hypothalamus regulates hormone secretions for a well balanced healthy body.

Adrenaline boosts your heart rate and blood pressure, causes the liver to release stored energy in the form of glucose and sends blood to your large muscle groups. Cortisol tempers the bodily functions such as digestion and growth in order to aid the need to survive.

Continual release of stress hormones leaves a person physically and mentally exhausted.  After the initial stress eases, your parasympathetic nervous system kicks back in to regulate those functions that the cortisol constricted such as digestion and growth. This entire process saps your strength, especially when it happens over and over again. Prolonged cortisol exposure can also promote depression. Once your mental state deteriorates, so goes your will to live.

 Free Yourself:

Free yourself from the chains that bind you. They may be patterns of thought or habits that enslave you. Whatever the origin, should you intend to discover what sends your body and mind into survival, you will surely come to know it. When you come to recognize the survival triggers you can begin a conscious rise above the syndrome that plagues our society and brings illness and sorrow into the lives of so many. We are creating our reality. If we could but embrace the responsibility we have in creating our life I believe we would do a much better job of it.

Link Between the Root Chakra and Survival Instinct:

Located at the base of the spine is the root chakra. This chakra forms our foundation, is associated with the earth element and is therefore related to our survival instincts, stillness and to our sense of grounding and connection to our bodies and the physical world in which we live. When this chakra is balanced and operating according to the Divine plan it brings health, prosperity, security and a dynamic presence. Root Chakra Guidelines

With that said getting in touch with this chakra is fundamental to disarming the repetitive syndrome of sheer survival and activating the foundation of health and prosperity. A deep sense of connectedness  creates waves of energy that resonates with a feeling of safety and peace.

Healthy Support System:

When we begin to trust the life we are given to be an expression of joy, we have expanded the territory of the root chakra. There must be a place for the seeds of our thoughts and ideas to land and take root. It is our responsibility to plant healthy creative thought seeds and then nurture them to full bloom.

We are not asked to do everything alone. As we make a conscious rise above survival we find ourselves with like-minded others that support our new growth. In the same way we are then given opportunities to support the healthy growth of others. A feeling and sense of brotherhood and sisterhood is born.

Take Time to Breathe and Meditate:

Making the choice to bring your attention to your breath has a magical way of bringing you to the present moment which often leads to the realization that what is before you is not a life or death situation.

You do not have to be any where special to bring your attention to your breath you simply have to make the conscious choice to do so. You can gently lower your eyelids and count your way through an inhalation, hold for a moment and then count your way through an exhalation. Doing this 3-5 times will shift the automatic activation of the survival function and bring clarity to your thoughts and presence to your position. You will find you can make choices that are aligned with personal power and healthy change. This in turn gives strength to your personal sense of safety. Meditation is always a good choice. It can begin as easy as “attention to breath” as  I just mentioned. See video:Benefits of Meditation

Knowledge is Power~Take Action:

It has been said that knowledge is power. I believe that is true when the knowledge obtained is put into action. Take it upon yourself to make a Conscious Rise above Survival. We are meant to live fully not just barely survive. Rise above survival mode. Take action where you know you can and build upon those first initial steps. Sometimes the steps we need to take are a stepping back to observe and evaluate your life. Breathe* This is your life after all. Make it the best life ever!  🙂

Love, Astara

Conscious Change~Leave No Stone Unturned

One day you may wake up and realize that things just don’t feel good or feel right to you anymore. If that is where you are question everything. Leave no stone unturned. If change is already upon you question everything. If there is some area of your life that you immediately think, “oh that is without question” question it. Leave no stone unturned.

Fresh Outlook:

You may discover that what you thought is and was still is. The beauty of having the courage to question it brings you to know it anew rather than assumed or defended. Knowing something anew is akin to adding fresh air to that area of your life with a newly expanded appreciation and awareness. The situation in question has been given your loving thoughtful attention. Through the avenue of open exploration, seeking only the truth in its purest form, our feelings are refreshed, renewed and expanded. The situation is no longer blindly assumed or perhaps even stale, longing for some loving attention, but vibrant with a fresh outlook. Leave no stone unturned. You won’t know where it will take you until you explore and experience it.

Have you outgrown your life?

On the other hand you may discover “that which was without question” really isn’t what it used to be for you anymore. The exploration and the feelings that rise up are revealing an awareness that much has changed and this part of your life “that is without question” suddenly no longer resonates with who you are. It no longer fits.

Maybe you really didn’t want to look at that possibility and so in the process of self-discovery decided to skim over that part of your life by posturing the assumption that “ it is without question”. The time of wearing rose-colored glasses and ignoring any area of our life no matter how big or small is truly over.

Move with the Changes:

Change is not going away. Perhaps the better way to move with the changes is to really move with the changes. Resistance has proven itself to be the greatest burden carried into the process of change. Let go. Resistance to change has also proven itself to be the great magnifier of pain and suffering. Let go.

Change brings with it an opportunity to put our lives together in a new way. Many who fear and resist change make the mistake of attempting to put the pieces of their life back in the old same way.  If that is the choice that is made the results are predictable. The pattern that brought the necessity for change in the first place will be repeated and relived.

Personal Growth Needs Space:

Instead leave room open for personal growth. Take time to discover what you truly desire to experience in this life. You are worth the investment. Expand your mind and imagine the unlimited possibilities that exist for you to create the best life ever. Feel everything and remain open for the highest outcome to find you awake, at peace and receptive. The joy of life on earth is a grand adventure. Question everything leave no stone unturned. Feel what needs to be felt, trust your inner knowing and your divine nature that longs to emerge. Enjoy the greatest gift given to us all, life itself. Love, Astara

Consciously Face our Fears

We may well discover that in order to find the fear we have denied we might need to look under one of its disguises. The most common disguise is anger. If one roars loud enough the fear can remain well hidden. The fuel for such unnecessary outbursts of anger is usually fear.

Intend to see the truth:

With true intent to consciously face our fears we begin to recognize and acknowledge them, which in turn begins the process of dismantling the illusion most hidden and denied fears carry. Their movement will indeed bring new understandings. The revelation of who we are, what we believe, and the patterns we have created brings with it the opportunity to decide if we like what we have created thus far or if we are ready to make some real sustainable changes.

This awakening brings the opportunity to break down the old and begin anew. For some it may be intense liken to a jackhammer against granite; noisy, earthshaking or earth shattering. For others it may come slow like the waters that etch away at a crack in the dam. Then one day the dam breaks and the flood comes.

See the Signs:

When growth is knocking on the door of our heart there are always signs that arrive before a shocking occurrence. The question is whether we are awake enough to notice and if we notice do we pay attention. What is attempting revelation? If we pay attention do we proceed with appropriate action? We are always giving our attention to something. Too often it is given to meaningless distractions.

What are we so afraid of?

What are we so afraid of? Wouldn’t you really like to know what fears lay hidden within that keep you turning away from the growth that is ripe and waiting for your loving attention? When will it become apparent that ones own life is important to the whole of all life? It is then we can begin the process of taking care of what truly needs to be taken care of.

We are here to learn:

If we are here to learn anything, we are here to learn to love. We are to learn to love our self, learn to love one another, learn to see God in all things and everyone. And with all that learning we are to discover the ways to express this love. This requires our attention, our time and our desire to love and be loved taken to the next step of becoming responsible for our lives.

Facing our fears is an important step in becoming responsible for our own lives. We begin to grow in the understanding that we are all unique and at one with all of creation, simultaneously. With that understanding we begin to grow in the understanding that we are neither insignificant nor superior.

When we begin to pay attention to that which we fear we begin to free the fear by exposing it to the light of love. In this way we can learn what we came here to learn, to love, to be love and to express love. Fear has its own purpose. It gives us pause to review a choice we are about to make. Are we ready for such an experience, do we really want to have this experience? Is there some internal warning of danger or a signal of this not being the right time or right place for us?

Experience Life in the Now:

When fear flows unimpeded (no backlog of previously denied fear) in a current situation we begin to see that it is indeed an emotion with something to share. The experience many people have with fear is the untimely expression of denied fear, which is out of balance, or the inability to feel fear at all because it is heavily judged and expressing itself in ways that are hidden and confusing.

Freeing pent-up energy is vital to our health and the recovery of our personal power. Lighten up. Call in the vibration of light daily. Lets begin to see things as they truly are. Face your fears. Feel the freedom that follows. May you be blessed ~ Astara

Meditation-Visualization “The Power of Love”

Practice this visualization exercise of healthy self love as often as you can:

Choose a quiet time when you will be uninterrupted and a place where you can sit comfortably.

Inhale deeply and exhale with a big sigh.

Do this a few times until you are very relaxed and breathing deeply.

Imagine that you are going scuba diving. Expert divers are with you to help you travel into the depths of the ocean. It is a safe trip where you’ll be protected and guided along the way. Visualize yourself putting on your oxygen mask and dropping under the water, going deeper and deeper toward the bottom of the ocean.

There, you come upon a large, shining chest. With the help of your fellow divers, you bring it to the surface, where it pops open to reveal a most beautiful, radiant, glowing model of you. As you usher your other self out of the waves and onto the shore, the model breathes the fresh air and comes to life. You are faced with the replica of yourself that has your exact shape and looks exquisitely beautiful, radiating love, vitality and vulnerability. Your skin is soft and tender; your expression is serene and gracious. There is golden light all around you.

Take off your scuba gear and walk hand in hand with yourself up the beach. As you breathe in and out, while walking gently on the beach, this beauty envelops you and you merge completely with your higher self. Allow this experience to bring vitality and great poise into your walk, grace and strength into your  posture, become conscious of deep rhythmic breathing that sends a message of health to the cells of your body. Feel a true deep love for all that you are filling each cell with every breath.

As you breathe in and out, become comfortable with the knowledge that you are beautiful. See the world with new eyes. Feel the joy of becoming more of who you truly are. Anchor this feeling of expansive love and beauty in your heart center and care for it as you would a newborn babe.

When you open your eyes, you may wonder if  this new feeling will fade or leave you. Do not worry.  Simply breathe, revisit the beach and anchor your beauty in your heart. You might experience profound changes in your self-image and in the way others respond to you. What you can behold you can become. The love you feel will be reflected back to you in many unexpected and beautiful ways. May you feel peace with every breath and be eternally blessed.

Love, Astara

Divine Timing~Right Time Right Place

Have you ever wondered what constitutes perfect timing? Have you had those days where everything seemed to go even better than you could have imagined?  It is wonderful. We can feel the magic in the air. When this happens we are in the flow.

There is a deep inner sense within that guides us to experience right time, right place, and  right action. Much of this has to do with the harmonious communication between our masculine/Spirit and feminine/Will aspects. When we are able to bring thought and feeling into a unified expression we find ourselves experiencing Divine timing. We are in the flow when we have unconditional Self-Acceptance and are then naturally aligned with the Divine. Expressing through an open heart with ample heart essence has us vibrating with peace, patience, trust and a growing excitement for life itself. This in turn draws more of the same into our reality. What is vibrating within us is reflected back to us in our everyday life.

In the Right Place we are with those who love and accept us for who we are. It is effortless for us to love and accept them as well. There is an unspoken sense of support given and received. There is an understanding and feeling of belonging. No longer an outsider. Right Time is arriving at destinations that feel good and unfold in ways that offer us opportunities, surprise meetings, or sometimes simply a wide open path with no obstacles and a great parking space. Never underestimate the nature of Right time. 🙂

When we push the envelope, feeling anxious and impatient or overly aggressive we arrive ahead of ourselves and miss an opportunity simply because it has not unfolded yet or we have pushed past an opportunity to learn something vital to the situation at hand.  If we hold back, drag our feet, spin in doubt we can again miss Divine Timing by arriving at the corssroads of opportunity to late or not at all. Both of these signal a lack of faith in the self and the Divine.

Acknowledge our fluid nature:

There is a fluid nature to living on planet earth that many have yet to embrace. The structures we set up by our limited thinking and repressed emotions has us literally boxed in. The endless flow of energy is confined and defined by these very structures. So how do we really break down the walls that keep us from experiencing Right Place, Right Time and Right Action?  How do we align with Divine Timing?

Remain open to the miracles and messages:

To live life in this manner is not as far away as you might think. Step by step we can choose to release our old emotional charge that keeps us distant from the divine impulse that calls for our attention daily. We could then choose to still our minds enough to listen to the quiet inner voice and then follow through with the guidance we have received. It does take practice and perseverance. If you truly intend to align with  Divine Timing to experience finding yourself in the right place at the right time you most certainly will. Magic and miracles  are happening all around us all the time. Your dreams could hold valuable information and even impart answers to questions you may have. We simply have to clear ourselves enough to be aware of miracles and messages whenever and however they present themselves.

May you be blessed with Divine Timing and the ability to recognize magic and miracles with gratitude. love, Astara