Spiritual Growth or Restless Quest?

Many people are getting anxious as much in their life begins to shift and change. We, as people, have not been very comfortable with change. The uncertainty strikes fear in the hearts of many. When was the last time you were faced with an unknown future and found yourself at peace? Here is the funny part: the future is in so many ways always a mystery and unknown. We just think we have it all figured out for a time.

“When the mind is in a state of uncertainty the smallest impulse directs it to either side.”~ Terence.

Bringing In New Information:

The great shift is upon us. Our consciousness is beginning to broaden with new information. This information is coming to all seekers fast and furious. Bringing in new spiritual information seems to help makes sense of a world going mad. Many are opening to the nature of spirit in a way like never before. Some are finding spiritual growth comforting and others are bringing in so much information with no time spent on integrating it into everyday life. The new food for thought needs to be digested if it is to bring any nourishment to the soul.

As we grow and evolve we discover that evolution is not just about using the new age lingo (words) or memorizing spiritual passages. It is less about becoming a healer and more about becoming whole and healed. Somewhere in all that information there comes a time when it must be tested, experienced, felt, it must be practiced or it simply becomes a restless quest with no goal in reality.

Turning Knowledge into Wisdom:

How will you discover your path if you are not integrating new information or your spiritual practice into your everyday ordinary life? It is one thing to read about kindness and it is another to be kind in all situations. It is one thing to know it is wise to have a healthy diet and exercise. It is another to truly exercise and have a healthy diet. For knowledge to become wisdom it must become an active expressing part of you. Indecision and refusing to make a commitment to ones growth will bring many problems for individuals in all areas of their life.

(mandala image~Richard Waters)

Balance Is Key:

We must always look at our inner motivation. What is the illusion under which we are living our life? The time has come to balance our spiritual nature with the physical world. There is no balance in all things spiritual while neglecting our earthly responsibilities and that includes our health. There is no real joy in ignoring our spirit in favor of only earthly material gains. Balance the spiritual and the physical bringing together heaven and earth or there will be nothing more than a restless quest with no sustainable joy or understanding.

Do the Work~Walk Your Talk:

We must discover what patterns need to be broken so we may free ourselves and find peace in these rapidly changing times. If you have participated in a particular spiritual practice that no longer feels good to you it may be signaling a time to expand your horizons. Take with you what works and let go of the rest. If you have no spiritual practice or study explore deeper aspects of yourself. There is a path deep within every one of us that leads to the treasure of our soul. It leads to wholeness and connection to Source. Be brave; find your path, the one that leads to your own heart. When you find your path within do your best to walk your path upon the earth. Herein lies the promise of new life. Herein lies the promise of change with Grace and ease. Take action when it is called for and rest when you need to rest. Be true to yourself. Walk your Talk 🙂

Love, Astara

Creative Power of the Neutral State and Neutral Mind

The neutral state operates from a place of order, fluidity, and centeredness. If Order is Heavens first law, allowing ones self to be in the neutral state can and will bring a natural sense of order to ones life. The neutral state is a creative state of being. From the neutral state one can create and build positive patterns moving toward what works and away from what does not.

In the neutral state there is a growing sense of patience with no need to rush or push things through and no need to swing wildly from one polarity to the other. In the neutral state a renewal of innocence occurs. This is demonstrated in the ability to participate in life without attaching to outcomes. It is also felt as a growing sense of trust in ones ability to create and live the life they desire.

See The Big Picture:

According to Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa, D.C. ‘the neutral mind rules and integrates all parts of ones self. It evaluates the input of the positive and negative mind and gives us guidance within 9 seconds’. If our mind is busy swinging between polarities, from the positive state to the negative state or simply remaining in one or the other with no neutrality we can easily miss the direct guidance that attempts to reach us.

He also says: The neutral mind can see the big picture and how all parts of life have been necessary and perfect, because they have lead us right to where we are now.

Expression of a Strong Healthy Neutral Mind:

When the neutral mind is strong one is better able to make decisions and integrate life’s experiences finding meaning and gaining understanding. Organization comes in an organic fashion without undue labor or striving. In the neutral state the individual begins to feel the essence of the flow, the love that longs to move through us unimpeded. The expression of compassion, integration and service  represent a strong and healthy neutral mind. Here, one is allowing the sacred flame of inspiration and insight to penetrate matter bringing new understandings by cutting through the illusions of life.

Quiet the Mind

Access the Soul:

There is a necessity for quieting the busy life and mind if one is to feel and express the joy of life.  It is in this way one can come to experience the neutral mind and neutral state of being. Tending to the garden of our own nature and finding the heart that beats within is vital to our overall well being and wholeness.

Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa, D.C says that ‘the neutral mind helps us access our soul so we may look with compassion on the whole play of life, which allows us to serve others from a place of great elevation’.

Unconditional Acceptance~Unconditional Love

The place of great elevation is a place of unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. Man must know himself in order to know God. When that day arrives the Divine expression of unconditional love and acceptance will be our expression. When Man truly loves himself the reflection will be all loving. When Man accepts all of himself the reflection will be full acceptance. Until real feelings are accepted real healing will most certainly escape us.

In the peaceful yet potent state of neutrality, where order and centeredness exist naturally, finding acceptance for our feelings and our self is possible because there is no resistance to “what is” only an awareness of it. In the creative neutral state and in the neutral mind we are better able to receive Divine impulse assisting us in the design of positive patterns that will be reflected back to us in our daily life. We will discover and recover our talents, which is God’s gift to us. The positive patterns we design will include the expression and sharing of those talents.

The Time is Now:

Isn’t it time you let go enough to feel this neutral state for at least five minutes of every day. The place where there is no busy monkey mind leading you into yesterday and tomorrow. To rush and hurry about, if only in our mind, is an expression of fear. Be here now and pause in the neutral mind and state of being. Relax and trust. Come to know yourself, your true feelings and your truth as sincere expression has potential to alter the dynamics within the fields of energy. Allow your sincere expression to be one of love, peace and joy.

love, Astara

Are You Having An Affair With Dysfunction?

Some people hear themselves say they hate something or some situation. Some even know that what they think precedes the spoken word. Taken a step further some people even know they create their reality by their own thoughts and feelings. Still they chose to remain in unhappy situations changing neither the pattern of thought nor the pattern of speech. With all this knowing where is the understanding?

Are you having a passionate affair with the dysfunctional nature of your life? Are you attached to what you hate? Is it serving you in such a way that you just can’t let go?  Are you recreating the very thing you do not like such as ending a relationship just to start another one with the same patterns of dysfunction? What an interesting choice indeed.

But Why?

Perhaps it is a choice to align with suffering. Is the unseen pattern emanating a vibration that deems suffering necessary and worthy to prove ones love to God or anyone else for that matter? Is it a way to gain attention? Is there a hidden pattern within you that says you are not worthy of a life filled with joy and happiness? Is the deep unconscious inner dialogue sending messages like this?

Negative Self Talk

As I suffer I become worthy of God’s love. I suffer to prove my love for him/her. See how I suffer for you. That proves how much I love you. Look at what I have given up for you. As long as he/she is happy its alright. I hate this but I can’t change it because I must do this or that. I hate my job but I have to keep it because of this or that. I could never be so lucky as him/her. What’s the use? It always turns out like this no matter what I do. I just have to put up with this another week, month, year.

What Is Happening?

Random and consistent negative self talk is how people create by default. This has nothing to do with the vibration of love. It is the vibration of love that sets us free. Where is the love of Self in all the suffering, self-loathing and hate felt for parts or all of ones life? Even if the dysfunction is in just one area of life it is still too much. There is no more room for hating.

This affair with dysfunction does have a lot in common with fear, false beliefs such as, We are here to suffer; life is hard, I am not worthy etc. It does inspire guilt in the self and in others. Where there is guilt there is no room for love. Is it perhaps a twisted tool to manipulate others for love and attention? Does it seem easier to complain and hate rather than take a stand and create a better way? How could that be? That sounds so dark and ugly, but as a wise man said, “Show me where God is not.” Ask Him to light your way.

We Are So Much More:

Beauty lies at the core of our being. Choosing to remain in an unhappy situation or recreate more of the same is to deny our own deep inner beauty from expressing in our life. We must recognize and understand that we are creating our life. Dive deep within yourself and discover the driving force that attracts and holds people or situations in your life that bring you no joy. Self discovery requires personal and direct participation in our own life. That is the wonder and beauty of living on magical planet Earth, the place we currently call home. We are so powerful we create our own life. Now what would you like to change? What beauty do you have hiding within that longs to see the light of day?

Where Does Your Passion Lie?

Are you having a passionate affair with your dysfunction? Do you say or think, “ I hate this or that” but never stop to wonder why it is still in your life? Do you think or say “I can’t stand this anymore” and yet make no changes? If this strikes a chord in you listen to what your inner voice is saying. What is the vibrational nature of your thoughts? What are the feelings that run through your energy field on a daily basis?

Begin a Passionate Affair with Life:

We are here to have a passionate affair with all that we love in life. We are here to live the best life ever by conscious design. We are here to let the flame of passion burn brightly illuminating the beauty of life for others and ourselves.

Be A Light unto Yourself


We are here to hold the flame of love so others may begin to see that life is joyous and responsibility is a blessing. Being responsible reflects our inner strength and courage as well as our faith and trust in our ability to create the life we desire with the assistance of a loving and ever expanding Creator. We have suffered long enough. Ask for help from Mother/ Father God or your guides. Let go of the need to attach or cling to the dysfunctional parts of your life. Begin a beautiful passionate affair with life itself. You and those around you will not be disappointed. 🙂

Love Astara

Conscious Manifestation of our Desires

Desire is the magnetic energy that attracts the light. The essence of the light is love. Our thoughts and feelings add necessary detail to the form and shape our desires take as they come into gross matter. Whatever we are feeling and thinking about the strongest is always what we create. Are your desires of a high nature or are they of a survival nature?

What Are We Attracting?

To understanding what we are attracting or creating we must be aware of what we are feeling and thinking. Whatever desire you allow yourself to feel leaves your body through your electromagnetic energy field. The felt desire then travels into the consciousness flow to draw to you a vibratory match. This match will bring into manifest reality the feeling of the desire experienced in your body. The more intense and total the desire is felt within the body the more complete and exacting the manifestation and the joy.

“Inner Knowing”

Is Emotional Certainty

Emotions emit a frequency. Emotional certainty is the knowing. To know a thought fully it must be felt. Words are often used to cover true feelings but the frequency never lies. To manifest our desires it is vital to be conscious of our thoughts and aware of our feelings. If we are mentally thinking positive words but our feelings are resonating fear of failure and lack we will attract that which matches the feeling. In this case the vibratory match would be lack and failure.

Feeling the thought brings with it an identity, a way for us to understand the thought. The more aware a person is the easier they can discern what is being felt. Once you have the feeling you have the knowledge. To know with absolute certainty is a high frequency thought. This knowing amplifies your power to manifest your desires.

Unlimited Thought:

Thou we have been programmed to think quite differently, the truth is we have the ability to know everything there is to know. To open our self up to the possibility that everything we need to know is made available to us is approaching the gateway of unlimited thinking.

When we embrace absolute knowingness regarding the manifestation of our desire the hope of something good is enhanced. The more unconditional the thought, such as unconditional acceptance and unconditional love the faster the frequency. Unlimited thought moves toward greatness by the nature of its expansiveness. This reveals our own divinity. This is a path of joy. To accelerate manifestation, know with absolute certainty your desire is being fulfilled.

Limited Thought:

Fear, judgment, guilt and all other limited thoughts are of a much slower frequency. Doubt drains the life force from manifesting our desires. Limited thoughts embrace smallness and the path of pain and suffering.

Those trapped in the limited mind frame of Social Consciousness are locked into the pattern of survival. They have become slaves to the illusions of fear, judgment, denial, lack and guilt.

Open to the Possibilities:

Let’s open our minds and open our hearts. Let us bring forth our highest ideals, hopes, dreams and a mountain of joy. Let’s choose to manifest our desires with the light of love because we can. Let’s trust our inner knowing and focus our energy like a laser beam of brilliant light. Let’s manifest heaven on earth. 🙂

Love Astara