Conscious Manifestation of our Desires

Desire is the magnetic energy that attracts the light. The essence of the light is love. Our thoughts and feelings add necessary detail to the form and shape our desires take as they come into gross matter. Whatever we are feeling and thinking about the strongest is always what we create. Are your desires of a high nature or are they of a survival nature?

What Are We Attracting?

To understanding what we are attracting or creating we must be aware of what we are feeling and thinking. Whatever desire you allow yourself to feel leaves your body through your electromagnetic energy field. The felt desire then travels into the consciousness flow to draw to you a vibratory match. This match will bring into manifest reality the feeling of the desire experienced in your body. The more intense and total the desire is felt within the body the more complete and exacting the manifestation and the joy.

“Inner Knowing”

Is Emotional Certainty

Emotions emit a frequency. Emotional certainty is the knowing. To know a thought fully it must be felt. Words are often used to cover true feelings but the frequency never lies. To manifest our desires it is vital to be conscious of our thoughts and aware of our feelings. If we are mentally thinking positive words but our feelings are resonating fear of failure and lack we will attract that which matches the feeling. In this case the vibratory match would be lack and failure.

Feeling the thought brings with it an identity, a way for us to understand the thought. The more aware a person is the easier they can discern what is being felt. Once you have the feeling you have the knowledge. To know with absolute certainty is a high frequency thought. This knowing amplifies your power to manifest your desires.

Unlimited Thought:

Thou we have been programmed to think quite differently, the truth is we have the ability to know everything there is to know. To open our self up to the possibility that everything we need to know is made available to us is approaching the gateway of unlimited thinking.

When we embrace absolute knowingness regarding the manifestation of our desire the hope of something good is enhanced. The more unconditional the thought, such as unconditional acceptance and unconditional love the faster the frequency. Unlimited thought moves toward greatness by the nature of its expansiveness. This reveals our own divinity. This is a path of joy. To accelerate manifestation, know with absolute certainty your desire is being fulfilled.

Limited Thought:

Fear, judgment, guilt and all other limited thoughts are of a much slower frequency. Doubt drains the life force from manifesting our desires. Limited thoughts embrace smallness and the path of pain and suffering.

Those trapped in the limited mind frame of Social Consciousness are locked into the pattern of survival. They have become slaves to the illusions of fear, judgment, denial, lack and guilt.

Open to the Possibilities:

Let’s open our minds and open our hearts. Let us bring forth our highest ideals, hopes, dreams and a mountain of joy. Let’s choose to manifest our desires with the light of love because we can. Let’s trust our inner knowing and focus our energy like a laser beam of brilliant light. Let’s manifest heaven on earth. 🙂

Love Astara

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