Spiritual Awakening ~ Facing Denial

Spiritual awakening brings the dawning of greater truth. The veils of illusion begin to thin and our denials begin to make themselves known to us. The process of spiritual empowerment is seeing things as they are. Most people turn away from what is being revealed because it is not what they like or want to see and it most likely comes with a few ideas for change. Do not turn away. If you resist the opportunity for spiritual growth you will be presented with another situation or circumstance that will be of greater intensity designed to get your attention. We do not have to take down the brick wall with our head.

Nothing is Gone Just Because You Deny It’s Existence:

If you thought denial would protect you from harm or from feelings you don’t like or don’t want to have you are mistaken. In truth it is quite the opposite. Everything you deny is simply hiding in the dark waiting for the opportunity to express. Our outer reality will always reflect our inner reality. Whatever you are holding in the form of denials or judgments will bring a vibratory match. Remember, we are always creating our reality. Some are creating by default which is denial attracting more of itself.  The repressed energy is seeking balance and brings experiences that often have people saying, “How did that happen? Why do I always get into bad relationships, Why do people always take advantage of me?” and so on.

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Master Body Consciousness

The body; what an amazing creation. It is often called the temple giving us an idea of its great importance. To care for the body is to listen to its needs and then provide. The time has come for us to remember the inner healer and begin the process of healing our own bodies. When we are no longer hiding from others or ourselves an attitude of openness and acceptance brings about healing. We have everything within us to heal ourselves and become whole if we allow it.

When we quiet ourselves enough to listen to the needs of the body we discover many things. Meditation provides a way.

Chang Tzu said,” To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”


Habits create a structure limiting the true needs of the body. One often discovers judgments fueling the need to adhere to habits. Habits override the sensitive response of the body. Adhering to an imposed learned behavior does not leave room open for a true response. Many people equate habits to something bad like smoking cigarettes. However, habits are habits.

An example of a perceived good habit is exercise. Of course we all know exercise is good for the body. If one is overriding the sensitive response of the body, exercise takes on a different tone. Example:” I run everyday no matter what. I push myself even when I don’t feel like it.” Now a fine line is being drawn here because there are times when giving ourselves a little push is what takes us to the next level. Here again truly knowing yourself and hearing the voice of your body is all-important.

Listen To Your Body:

However, if this person pushes everyday giving no honor to the voice of the body that speaks of sore muscles, a need for rest or painful joints, some part of the body will break down. This is when the person has created a situation of “forced rest” due to injury. The habit overrode the sensitive and wise response of the body. The judgment here could be, “I have to run or I will get fat. I have to run or I will get depressed.” The same applies with food. Example: “I never eat this or I always eat that.” If your body is happy and your energy is vital then you are most likely giving your body what it needs. If it isn’t perhaps listening more closely to the needs of the body may have you relaxing in your “always/never” approach to nutrition.

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Self Mastery and Self Acceptance

Self Mastery is the ability to accept and make the most of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Self-acceptance is seeing and accepting things for the way they truly are, not the way we want them to be, hope them to be, or pretend that they are.

Self Mastery and Self Acceptance Go Hand in Hand :

Self Mastery and self-acceptance cannot be separated. To master the self one must have acceptance for the self. When unconditional acceptance for the self is embraced one begins to understand and master the ability to accept situations and other people for who and what they are. Change is inevitable. This we all know on some level. Yet we fear change and work diligently to prevent it. If acceptance were given as much energy as we give to resistance we would be well on our way to self-mastery.

Everything is Consciousness:

Everything is consciousness. A desire to master the Self leads to unconditional acceptance and unconditional love both of which create transformational shifts in consciousness and penetrating changes in our lives. These shifts resonate with love and joy lifting us as we move through the challenges in life with grace, understanding and ease. The journey of living actively and mastering the ability to manage daily life with greater peace and joy is in fact the earth journey as it was intended.

Conscious Living:

Conscious Mastery® encourages conscious living, unconditional acceptance and unconditional love. We must unite the splits in our consciousness that keep us separate from each other, ourselves and from Source. The splits in consciousness have influenced people in ways that have them doing and saying things with little insight and even less awareness.

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Conscious MindFul Consumption

What is mindful consumption?

One definition of consumption is the action or process of receiving information. Mindful consumption is being fully present in the action or process of receiving information with Buddha like compassion.

In this day and age the word consumption fits many unattractive images. We see it in big business and governments. The general population consumes a great deal of resources daily, produces tons of garbage from packaging and so on. That is a worthy topic of its own. However the focus for today’s writing is of the mind. How many people are aware of what the mind consumes?

Mindless Consumption:

Unfortunately the mind is also consuming tons of garbage. Much of it reaches into the minds of Man unfiltered. They are unaware and unconscious of the information and its effects. This does not stop the consumption of information from reaching deep into the subconscious mind. However, we are still responsible because it happens through the choices we make.

A Simple Example :

A person is working on a project for his or her  company with a radio talk show as background filler. The radio host is aggressive and very opinionated. The person working isn’t paying much attention to it but the vibration reaches out and surrounds the work area and the individual. Eventually the person begins to feel fatigued, agitated, distracted and doesn’t really know why.

Here is Why:

The vibration in the delivery and the content is finding its way into the energy field of the person who is focused on something else but nonetheless receptive to and effected by the radio talk show host and his energy. The choice he has made to have the radio on allows his mind to consume vast amounts of toxic and fairly useless information in a mindless rather than mindful fashion.  Other potentially toxic ways the mind consumes information is through commercials, news and television programs, gossip and angry or demeaning conversations, some movies and books. Consciously chose what your mind consumes.

Wake up To The Power Of Choice:

In the process of waking up to “mindful consumption” make room for your own thoughts. In this way you can become aware of the nature of your own thoughts. If you recognize your own thoughts as toxic you can now consciously begin the practice of changing them. Recognition always precedes conscious change. Make healthy choices.

Mindful Consumption:

Allow the mind to relax and clear itself during the day. Become mindful of your environment. Step out into nature if only in your back yard or the local park. Work in silence or consciously chose something pleasant and soothing to occupy your space.

You as an individual make a difference. What you think and feel has an effect on the whole of life. Let us come together and practice “mindful consumption” creating in roads of thought that have a positive effect on the restoration of your self, your health, humanity and the world. Here are 6 mindful trainings you could enter into your daily life. Please consider them:

Mindful Consumption Training:

1-   Cherish all life on earth

2-   Pledge to practice generosity

3-   Make a commitment to behave responsibly in all relationships

4-   Practice loving speech

5-   Practice mindful consumption and mindful eating

6-   Never underestimate kindness

Open and Free your Mind:

In order for one to have mental space or awareness enough to practice these simple yet potent Buddha like thought forms one must have a mind free from clutter, free from the unnecessary consumption of detrimental, debilitating and useless information.

Remember Your Divinity:

You are valuable and important. See the value of taking time for yourself and your family, your body and your peace of mind. Energy of mindfulness, concentration, insight will bring about compassion, love, joy, togetherness and non-discrimination.

Meditation, as a food, opens the opportunity to see the entire universe supporting our existence.


Faith, determination, awakening and a big dream of peace can change the course of ones life. Dream the dream of brotherhood and sisterhood of loving kindness and compassion. We can make that dream a reality right here right now. Be true to your own divinity by becoming responsible and mindful of what your mind consumes.

Mindfulness is at the heart of awakening.

Mindfulness is at the heart of enlightenment.

Lighten up just a little more. 🙂

love Astara