Life Review ~ Your Year in Reveiw

As this year comes to an end, I would like to suggest that you take some of your precious time and review your year. This inner journey will be as much fun as it is enlightening. It will remind you of what choices you made and didn’t make. It will reveal to you how often you made it through challenges and what was discovered when you reached the other side. It will give you a bench mark of your growth as well as inspire you to keep on growing. It will point the way for you to create more abundance. As you know, when one thing ends another begins and so it is as 2010  becomes 2011. So, before you write your list of desires, goals or resolutions for the new year take a look at your 2010. It may shift the way you approach your 2011.  This post will cover creative ideas showing you “how to” and “benefits of ” writing “Your Year in Review” but remember this can be effective even if you are reading this post after December. 🙂

This is Your Life After All:

We have all been given a most magnificent gift and it is called life. What we do with it is up to us. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way but it is. Taking the time to review our life helps us realize we all have a very interesting story with much of it still unfolding.

To review our personal year is a powerful and interesting way to see how we are crafting and creating our life by the choices we make and don’t make. This journey of self discovery is meant to shed light on where you are at this stage of your life. It is not meant to be a reason to beat yourself up for what you did or didn’t do. It is a gentle personal way of seeing what has occurred, what your experiences were this year  and how much you are a tremendous part of all that. Whether you are thrilled with what you have created or not, rest in the knowledge that you are a powerful creator. With that, the more conscious you become of your part in creating your life the more your choices will reflect what you hope and dream of rather than what you don’t like and fear. When your year in review is complete and you read it through you can see your year as an amazing work of art and you were the artist.

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Spiritual Awakening~Nothing Is As It Was

We are walking into new times. It will do us little good to attempt to compare what was with what is. We must be open and truthful with ourselves. In this way we can do what it takes to free our energy, free our Will and our Spirit. We can and will experience what it is to be truly free and current in our field of energy. Imagine flowing with life as opposed to pent-up, restrained and blocked. Imagine making choices based on true feelings as opposed to old patterns of behavior or the overwhelming demands of others.

Become Current:

When we are present, honest and current in our energy we will find our Divine Guidance System operational. We will know where to go and when. This will be experienced on small and large scales alike. Being in the flow guides us perfectly toward rest and action. Learn to free yourself enough to allow your current of energy to flow unburdened and unimpeded. When your “current” is current you are free to choose that which resonates true in your heart. Now that is freedom my friend. That is really experiencing the present moment, the now.

Spiritual Warrior Within:

Please do not assume you are experiencing the present moment fully when you engage in pushing away or denying the feelings of the moment that you do not like. It may make for a temporary “feel good” time but what you have not acknowledged will return to your consciousness again and again until you come to face it like the spiritual warrior.

The spiritual warrior within greets you when you have grown enough to experience spiritual awakening, conscious living and expanded awareness. This aspect of yourself is aligned with peace and truth. The spiritual warrior within is not afraid to look fear in the face and feel what needs to be felt in order to grow, learn, expand in his/her understanding and free his/her soul from the ravages of denied expression/emotion that weigh far to heavy to be light or enlightened. Embrace the spiritual warrior within. Live life with courage enough to be real. Be honest with yourself first and foremost because then being honest with others is effortless and the delivery exudes grace.

Tune In, Your Inner Voice is Calling:

When we have attuned ourselves to the sweet inner voice, our heart sings of Divine Order, and Divine Timing. The beauty is that life is always a mystery unfolding. It is the connection to Source, being in the flow of higher consciousness that makes our ordinary days feel extraordinary. Life is a gift, let go of all that ails you. Open to the present and live fully.

So how do I begin?

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