Recover Personal Power~Closing the Gap of Separation*part 2

What is the gap and what does it separate us from? The gap is the chasm we create when we are unable to accept our self, our experience and on some level are less than honest with our feelings and our thoughts. It is the distance between who we think we are and the divine beings we truly are. The gap is heavy laden with unexpressed, unaccepted, unacknowledged emotions and experiences in whole or in part. What has been embraced is denial and what has been lost is our true power. In this way we have literally created the gap that separates us from the Source that sustains us abundantly in all ways. This leaves many believing in lack, disease, pain, guilt and fear because they cannot see through the veil of illusion that separation brings. Source brings light and in the light of Source we are able to discern, choose wisely and feel and express honestly. When expressing in the light of Source, it is easy to be kind even in difficult situations.


What we think we are and what we have become is in-congruent with who we truly are. We have distanced ourselves from true Source and have replaced it with false senses of security. A false sense of security can be another person, money, a job, a job title, and so on. Any one of these can be gone in the blink of an eye but the Source that sustains, the Source that never fails is the one most people give little attention to when it comes to ordinary everyday life. This is demonstrated in the worry and fear etched in peoples faces. It is demonstrated in the physical, mental and emotional illness so common in many societies. It is heard in numerous conversations expressing worry over a job, a home, money, health, relationships and the list goes on.


The Source that sustains is the creative Mother/Father God energy that lives within the heart of every human being. It is felt and known in the acknowledgment of your own divinity. It is felt and known in the acknowledgment and embrace of your right to be, to have and to express freely and honestly.

For some the veils of illusion cease to control them for a few hours a week when going to church or meditating but soon after, the veils of illusion once again dispel the clarity. Why?

Believe you are Worthy:

In truth, most people are not allowing themselves to deeply believe in the truth of their own divinity and worthiness. They have yet to embrace the joy, freedom and responsibility of being a creator of their own life. If you think, “if only I had this or I had that” my life would be great, you are not standing in a powerful position to manifest your desires. You are feeding the gap. Far too much energy is attending what you do not have and too little is going to what you desire in a positive way. How much faith and belief do you have in your ability to create the change you desire?

Is your desire for change supported by positive encouraging inner dialogue and action on your part? How many excuses rise up to strengthen the illusions of why it can’t be so, why it can’t be done, why you can’t make it happen? How much attention do you give these excuses? Do you give a long list of reasons that support the excuses? Do you passively wait for something to change with no real participation on your part? Do you go forward with positive change but sabotage it with negative inner dialogue. Get familiar with your way of creating. Now ask yourself: Do I believe in my ability to create positive change?


So how do you close this gap of separation?

One must enter into the gap little by little feeling what has not been felt and transforming it from the heaviness that separates us into the light that unites us once again. This is not about spinning in the drama and getting caught in the story. It is a journey of liberating yourself from the heaviness that keeps you bogged down in the illusion.  It is the truth, in its ever-expanding nature that will create a wave of energy assisting you on your journey. There is so much to share here. It is simply too much to put in one post. So, begin with digesting the concept of what the gap of separation is then get some clarity on how it shows up in your life. Take a look at your everyday life with intent to discover where the gap of separation is playing out for you personally. Outer reality is a road map reflecting our inner reality. Be open minded about what you see and responsible for what you are creating, in other words, get a handle on what you are magnetizing into your life.

Be kind to yourself as you discover what has been hiding in the gap:

When you clearly see the difference between what you are experiencing and what you would prefer to be experiencing you have discovered aspects of the separation you created. This gap of separation contains repressed energy that keeps you apart from the abundant Universe and your personal power. This is a good place to begin closing the gap. Feel truthful feelings responsibly. Organize your thoughts in a simple fashion and direct them to what you desire. Waste no time being unkind to yourself or those around you. Let go of all the excuses and flow like a river to the ocean of consciousness trusting in “All That Is” the Source that never fails.

Journal writing is a great tool; use it. Dancing or singing your feelings and emotions into the freedom of a higher vibration is powerful and divinely fun. Move your body and free your voice. Much of this is covered in great detail in my upcoming book. However, I will approach this subject again in time revealing more information to help you on your path of self-discovery and the recovery of your talents and personal power. Read Law of Abundance~Closing the Gap of Separation July 2010 post to get additional perspective.

You Are Not Alone:

The more you grow in healthy self love, inner peace and personal power the greater positive effect you have on the world as a whole. The more you take responsibility for your life and all that it contains the better you are able to make choices reflecting the goodness inherent in life itself. As you grow more conscious, Divine Consciousness touches your thoughts with loving inspiration and shares with you the wave of energy that lifts your emotions to the vibration of love that makes living on earth such a pleasurable and joyful experience. You make a difference. Your choice to discover your inner strength will change your life but remember it will also have a positive effect on everything else. Every inch of growth is worthy of some acknowledgment. Good job!

Here is to peace within and peace on earth:

To love within and love all around:

To joyfully living life aligned and connected to Source that never fails to supply us abundantly always in all ways.

Live Life Whole Happy and Free!

love, Astara

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