Inspiration~Self-Acceptance Meditation

To Begin:

Light a candle or some incense creating a sacred space bringing your attention to the present moment. Read the meditation through slowly and get a feel for the essence of this work. Open your mind and relax your body as you bring in the feeling of deep self acceptance and your divine connection with Mother/Father God. As you read the meditation a second time, become conscious of your breath. Allow your inhalations and exhalations to be smooth, slow, and rhythmic.

Now come into a comfortable position. Now that you have read through the meditation, you have already begun to attract the flow of energy that resonates with the acceptance of all that you are, your wholeness. Now slowly close your eyes, inhale and exhale slow and deep. With each inhalation silently say the first line:

I am the light of Mother/Father God that never fails:

Then exhale slowly. Repeat this three times. Slow and easy.

Roll your eyes up slightly as if you are looking out the top of your head. With intent to increase the flow of energy you generated with the initial reading, relax your eyes and bring your attention to your heart center. Relax, breath and trust that your energy is increasing its vibration aligning with the loving acceptance and acknowledgment of all that you are. Rest in the heart center, commune with Mother/Father God. Slowly bring your thoughts to your radiant health, your divine beauty, integrating all parts of your being with unconditional love. Maintain the flow of energy for as long as you are able.

When you have finished with the meditation read it over once again and feel how connected you have become with Source and your own divinity.

Self-Acceptance Meditation:

I am the light of Mother/Father God that never fails.

Mother/Father God dwells within my heart.

Every cell that makes up the “Allness of my Beingness” is accepted by me in the light of love that is unconditional.

All aspects of myself are known to me and I lovingly acknowledge all that I am.

And because I lovingly acknowledge all that I am I naturally grow in wholeness in my every thought, word, and deed.

I am a beautiful expression of my total self and naturally draw upon the unlimited resources of the universe for my continued growth and understanding of all that is and all that I am as, I am That I am.

As I grow in faith and love and total acceptance of all that I am, the light within me burns ever brighter.

I am radiant health and joyous aliveness.

I integrate all parts of my beingness with unconditional love and bring forth the expression of my truest self that most clearly radiates my deepest soulful expression of life on Earth.

I honor and care for my ethereal, emotional and mental bodies.


In this present expression of life on Earth I honor and care for the physical body I have chosen.

I move through every day life with integrity, grace, kindness, and understanding.

I flow with the changes of life with grace and ease.

I trust the natural flow of changes within me and all around me.

I call all parts of myself unto myself for the perfect expression of all that I am.

I am in the vibration of deep appreciation and gratitude.


May you be blessed

love and light, Astara

Earth Day and the Root Charka

A day or week-end in April is designated as Earth Day. It is my hope people come to honor and acknowledge the Earth all 365 days a year. The earth is a feminine planet called Earth Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Nature and Gaia or Mother Gaia. (Gaia comes from ancient Greek and was the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth.) Even though we all walk upon Her, use Her resources, grow our food  and experience life as a human being does not guarantee everyone feels grounded, or even connected to Her. There are many who do not even feel safe or supported here on Earth. This brings me to write about the root chakra also referred to as the support or base chakra. We are energy beings and as such it is time for us to begin to understand our energetic nature. As we grow in this knowledge and understanding we grow in the ability to care for ourselves as a whole and that includes our energy system. Some of the rewards of a well balanced root/support chakra are physical health, feeling comfortable in your own body, having a sense of safety and security, experiencing “right livelihood”, prosperity, and the ability to be still. The imbalanced archetypes of the root chakra are the victim/tyrant. The balanced Archetype of the root chakra is none other than the Earth Mother.

Basic Root Chakra Information:

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Muladhara meaning root or support. A simplified version of the symbol for the root chakra looks like this. The four lotus petals symbolize the four lower elements of fire, water, air, and earth. The element Earth is represented by the Square and the inverted triangle at the center lets us know that our energy is moving downward.  A balanced Root chakra provides us with a sense of stability connecting us to our material existence. In order to build anything of sustained value we need a strong and solid foundation. The root chakra is the foundation. If we are to manifest our hopes, dreams and desires on the Earth plane we need a balanced chakra system.

As you can see from this diagram the root chakra is located at the base of the spine. The color associated with the root chakra is red, it resonates to the note C and the seed sound Lam. The Deity associated with the root chakra is Ganesh, the elephant-headed god of the Hindu faith. Those open to Ganesh will find his assistance in overcoming obstacles here on earth. He helps us see obstacles are, in truth, opportunities for growth. He is called the remover of obstacles.

* It is wise to note that the chakras are a complete system which means when one chakra is out of balance it has an affect on all the other chakras. The energetic equivalent of our spinal cord system is the vertical column called the Sushumna within which the seven chakras are located. The Goddess Kundalini rests in a coiled position at the base awaiting the opportunity to rise.

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Transmutation and Transformation

Before transformation comes the process of transmutation also referred to as initiation or alchemy. In essence it is the change that creates a sustainable shift in frequency from a lower vibration to a higher more conscious, compassionate and self empowered vibration.

Our emotions are so powerful they can and will create change. They can be explosive, passionate, watery, scattered, chaotic, peaceful and on and on it goes. We are expressing our elemental self: fire, water, earth and air. Transmutation occurs to assist us in purifying our energy. The process is removing the dross and allowing us to rise up and be the light so we may gracefully walk this life as a being of love, joy, compassion and understanding.

Feel What is Real:

Let go and feel what you need to feel in the moment, nothing more nothing less. It is not about getting stuck in the spin of emotions or refusing them the right to move and express. It is about letting them flow free enough to evolve into a higher vibrational state. Be responsible for your emotions. Be responsible for your thoughts and feelings and you will grow ever brighter.

As you express your elemental self you will not burst into flames, you will not blow away, you will not drown in your own tears nor will you be buried beneath your burdens. However, as you bring to an end that which no longer serves you there is a death of the old. The old way has so many feeling burned out, washed up, washed out, heavy and bogged down with worried, scattered and tattered. This must move out. The time is now to free yourself from debilitating repressed emotions that vibrate unhealthy patterns of behavior.

Walk through the fire, cry a thousand tears, let your voice rise up and bring the earth near.

Walk in nature, pay attention to your breath, care for your body you are experiencing a death.

The death of the old makes way for the new. When the old has been released you will discover more of you.

More pure, more real, more light, more true, more passionate, and more loving.

Then just when you think life is the best it can be, you rise up to ride the next wave of being free.

Let go. Feel what you need to feel in this moment~nothing more and nothing less and so it goes… each time you transmute the old you live more authentically. The transformation reveals the beauty that you are and have always been. The passage of initiation becomes more graceful each time we consciously make our way closer to the heart center, liberating our emotions and naturally aligning with Source. Read more »