The Mind vs. Internal Guidance

The influence of the mind can be troublesome and sometimes absurd. Everyday we face the challenge to move away from the preoccupation of other spaces and other times. If we can master the ability to remain present most of our waking hours and remain alert to what is happening in the “here and now” we make ourselves available to what comes our way. How many opportunities have been missed because of the inability to be present? For me personally, too many.

We have allowed the mind to become the master leading us in ways that rarely support happiness, self acceptance and healthy self love. When the mind is the master, we have lost the natural ability to attune ourselves to the inner guidance that seeks our attention. Generally speaking, most people hesitate or are reluctant to follow internal guidance because they simply do not trust it. It speaks quietly like a whisper, yet with desire and practice we can begin to hear and learn to recognize the voice of divine guidance and begin to trust it.

For our Growth:

Sometimes our internal guidance is asking us to look at what we are clinging to. Are we clinging to our time resisting the opportunity to share it with others or as a way of protecting ourselves from the risk of expressing love? Are we afraid of what that might entail? Anything we cling to has a way of becoming stagnant and decays. Our mind can convince us that we must protect and hold tight to our possessions regardless of what they are. Our inner and outer treasures lose their luster and become useless when we cling to them and resist the natural flow of sharing.

Feel the Unity ~ Feel the Love:

Our internal guidance may have us looking at whether or not we feel like an outsider. The sole purpose of this exploration provides us an opportunity to liberate ourselves from this falsehood and discover our right place. The workings of the mind can have us feeling small, left out and helpless but is this really true? If your mind is playing this tape, it is time to put a stop to it and relieve yourself of the burden and pain that comes with it. Quiet your mind, take a nice walk in nature and feel the unity of love. You can discover the roots of this false belief and set yourself free. Love is the great connector.

Stand up for what you believe:

The mind, unchecked, plays a role in leading us to compromise our truth. With the intention of understanding a different point of view we can certainly meet some one half way honestly and sincerely. This is far different than allowing our own truth to remain hidden. What are we afraid of or what are we attempting to gain by hiding our truth through the guise of compromise? Our internal guidance will attempt to get our attention if we are hiding our truth. Sometimes we can feel it in our body and sometimes a thought form floats through our consciousness. Are we alert to what is happening in the “here and now” making ourselves available to the workings of internal guidance?

“The Gift of Patience is Patience.” St. Augustine

When we quiet our mind we find there is a time when all that is asked of us is to be patient. Everything has it own divine timing. A flower blooms when the conditions are right and it is ready. Humans push and pull, rush and stall loosing the inner guidance of right time and right place which in turn produces less than optimal right action.

There are days when life is not about being clever, or superior or brilliant. There are times in life when “ordinary” is perfect and totally enough. If we are able to enjoy the ordinary things in life we will grow to see how they too are extraordinary in their own way. Take it easy, slow down. Enjoy the simple things in life. They are enough. This happiness alone will lead to many extraordinary people and events.

When the Time is Right/Ripe

When we are ready to share our gifts, talents and knowledge with others accept the challenge and the responsibility. Be bold and step out. Nurturing our gifts to fullness is key to unlocking the doors of untold possibilities. Feel what you feel and keep moving offering your gifts and talents to others and to the world. Your courage alone will inspire others to share their gifts, talents and knowledge as well. Love begets love, courage begets courage, truth begets truth and so it goes.

We all have hopes and fears, dreams and desires. The time has come to quiet our over-active chattering mind so we may find our way to our own heart centers once again. From this place of balanced heart we will experience the truth of our own divinity.

As in the words of Chang Tzu, ” To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

When things in life seem to be too much or not enough, give yourself the gift of time and if you are in a special hurry, “time” can be a little as 5 minutes. Sometimes the only thing to do is breathe while becoming very aware of your breathing. Simply stop what you are doing, close your eyes, turn your attention inward, rest in your heart center and breathe a conscious grateful breath. This is a form of meditation. As the external world fades you begin to relax into the awareness of your inner world. Now the whisper of your inner guide has an opportunity to reach you. Our inner guide could be our higher Self, a guardian angel, the Divine Mother or God. The voice is soft, sweet, powerful, true and loving.

When we hear it we are attuned to our internal guidance. Our mind is no longer running our life. Our mind becomes helpful and useful. Life is not black and white. It is colorful. We relax our need to control. We learn to consciously direct our energy to that which resonates with our desire and our love. This puts an end to the inner conflict that steals much of our time, energy and attention. This shift in consciousness makes greater resources available to us. This increase in energy ensures we are better equipped to consciously create the life we desire.

May you hear the quiet voice of true internal guidance and when you hear it may you trust it enough to take action.

May you be happy, awake and aware of your divinity and your personal power to create the best life ever.

There is no better time than now to :

Live Life Whole, Happy and Free

May It Be So and So Be It

love, Astara

Free Yourself from the Addiction of Negative Thinking:

When most people hear the word addiction or think about addicts they typically think of drugs, alcohol and maybe even food. To be addicted is to become mentally or physically dependent upon something or even someone. Addiction is denoting a person’s inclination or proclivity toward something, someone or some activity. So what about the addiction to negative thinking and negative speech?

If a person is cynical, sarcastic and has negative things to say about most people and situations they have a strong tendency or inclination toward negative thinking. It sets them apart from something within themselves that they are not ready to explore. Repressed anger is one of the few energies hidden at the core of this type of negative thinking and speech.

Many people are addicted to an inner dialogue of self debilitating information. Clearly there are many things hidden at the core here too and like the cynic, anger and a lack of self worth are a couple of the motivating factors. Negative thinking brings drama sooner or later and part of the addiction here is to the feeling of adrenal that rushes through the body making the  individual feel alive. People who are steeped deep in the addiction of negative thinking feel dead on too many levels to mention here in this post, but it is for this reason the adrenal rush becomes a needed source of energy.

What if a person began to recognize their own negative thinking addiction and treated it as such. As any recovering addict knows, ample amounts of patience, love and focus go into the recovery.

So you may ask,” What am I recovering?”

Well you could recover the ability to command your thoughts in the direction of becoming life-affirming rather than life-denying. You could experience and explore the power of uplifting thoughts that will take you in a new direction. You could share encouragement with others. You could recover your natural ability to be grateful for things large and small and find levels of appreciation that typically go by unnoticed when one is steeped within the trenches of negative thinking.

So how does one begin to make sustainable changes?

I believe the use of positive affirmations really do work. Many people believe they do not. It is true that what we believe, is true for us. If you believe positive affirmations do not work perhaps consider opening to the possibility that they do. This may be your first step to breaking the cycle of yet another negative thinking habit or belief that keeps you right where you are, addicted to negative thinking.

One of the reasons many have come to believe they do not work is because the affirmations are in opposition to the current pattern of thinking and soon the very core of our being, feeling this in-congruency, begins to stir. The vibration of the positive affirmation stimulates the old thought forms creating an uncomfortable rub, so to speak. However, this is solely for the purpose of liberating these old thought forms. If the energy of the debilitating thought forms are allowed to move and are consciously directed to meet and align with the positive affirmation you are creating a shift. Ample love, patience and focus comes into play as this wave of energy moves through you. Sound and body movement are two powerful ways to successfully move this energy in a healthy way. Feel what needs to be felt and direct your thoughts in the direction you want them to go. Be patient with yourself, focus on the positive truth and be loving and gentle with yourself as you do this. Addiction to negative thinking is painful as all addictions are. This is not a time to be hard on yourself. It is a time to nurture yourself into mental and emotional wellness.

What triggers the negative thinking?

Is it a person? If so, what do they represent? Does it happen when someone criticizes you? Does it happen when you lose at something or you fall short of your own self generated expectations?

Become aware of what triggers you because this can actually keep you alert enough to consciously make use of your new positive thought forms in a timely fashion. This begins the process of giving your time and attention to a new way of thinking that is life-affirming and self-empowering. When you give time and attention to life-affirming thoughts, the old negative debilitating thought forms begin to starve and lose potency and power. Remember, dismantling addictions of any kind requires loving time and attention and somewhere new to direct your energy. Gratitude and appreciation are so powerful because these thought forms are aligned with the power of love.

Begin and end your day in a new way:

You could say a prayer each morning and evening reviewing the many things to be grateful for. If for some reason it is difficult to think of even one thing, be grateful for your ability to breath. That is a place to start that will surely take you in the direction of becoming aware of many more things in your life to appreciate. You can ask for help from Source, Mother/Father God, your guardian angels or guides to gently and gracefully assist you in the healing/transformation of the addiction to negative thinking.

A simple prayer~ A Meditation

Bring a prayer or meditation into your heart and deliver from the same place. A prayer or meditation from the heart has potency. Feel free to use this prayer if it resonates with you, or you could choose to meditate upon a single line each day as a way of absorbing healthy high vibrational thoughts into your consciousness  🙂

Lift me up into the light of truth and love where I may breath easy in the knowledge of my own divinity where endless possibilities of goodness exist.

I am willing to give my time and attention to the process of raising the vibration of my thoughts in general and specifically when outer reality triggers me.

Help me to pause for a moment before reacting or engaging in the old patterns of negative thinking.  I am now willing to break this addiction so I may consciously make better choices.

Help me remember at all times that I am a beautiful child of a most loving Creator who has given me everything I need to create the best life ever. For this I am grateful.

Help me to see God in all things and in all people so I may direct my thoughts with love and compassion.

I forgive myself

I forgive my past

I forgive all others

so I may Live Life Whole, Happy and Free to love and be loved in a pure uncomplicated manner.

May it be so and so be it. Om

Participating in our own healing is what is being asked of each and everyone one of us. Healing and transformation (one and the same) is within our reach. We are divine. The time is now to remember this and shine our light.

peace and love, Astara

A Life Reveiw on Judgment~Sharing a personal discovery

I have shared the importance of life reviews on many occasions and wrote a blog post giving different ways one can go about it in December 2010.  I share this personal “Life Review on Judgment” journey I took some time ago to show you how uncovering parts of the dusty, cloudy or forgotten past can propel us into new levels of awareness. New awareness brings understanding that fuels positive growth (if that is our intention). In doing your own life review (self-discovery journey), what you discover has potential to liberate you as well as provide a benchmark for your growth.

For years I felt judged. I felt blamed for everything. I felt like I was the reason everything went wrong in everyone’s life. To top it off I was called out as self centered, self absorbed and egotistical with comments like, ” The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

It took a long time to find the source of such a strong and long standing feeling that destroyed any sense of self worth or self-love I once had. What replaced self-love was self-loathing, blame, shame, judgments, and guilt.

Clearing and cleaning the mess within, layer after layer, eventually brought me to my very early childhood where it began in this lifetime.

A very Sensitive Child:

I was a very sensitive child feeling every bit of the fear for my own safety, as well as worried about my family, as the battles between my parents raged on. My siblings and I heard everything. I listened intently. What I heard sounded to me like “we, the children, were the cause and the reason for the fighting.” I heard things like: We need money for their shoes, clothes, food, oil for the heater and so on. The conclusion I came to was that if we weren’t there they would not be having these fights and problems. I internalized it and personalized it not realizing it had more to do with the lack of money and poverty consciousness than it had to do with us. I felt responsible and tried to make things right.

Patterns develop:

A cycle of the parents volatile fights with each other followed by my father leaving, my mother broken, angry, frustrated with only one place to release her pain and suffering was in motion. Everyone suffered.

From where I stood, it became a twisted mess that culminated in judging myself and blaming myself for all my parents’ misery. I could find no way to make it better and through the trauma I began to fragment, lose parts of myself in overwhelm and fear. It felt like a ping or sharp exit of something leaving my body. My first remembrance of this was when I was about five years old.

Eventually I forgot how it began, partly because I didn’t understand what was happening and partly because I wanted to forget. The pattern was set and I deepened it unconsciously every turn of the way until I was emitting a frequency that silently told the world I was to blame, their troubles were my fault whatever they may be, and the judgment grew in strength as I repressed the rage I felt for being judged and blamed.

  Blame puts a stop to healing and understanding:

It began in my innocence, a child with a tender heart and no way to understand what was happening.

I remembered telling myself, “If I wasn’t here everything would be better, everyone would be happier,” and on it went. This was the beginning of planting and germinating the seed of suicide. I nurtured this seed with thoughts of death. Then forgot I did that until I found myself confused, addicted to drugs, over dosed twice and truly killing myself, a slow kind of suicide.

Forgetting is an Illusion:

It is amazing how we create and then forget what we put into motion; forget that we are creating our lives. Forgetting doesn’t change this truth. The “forgetting” is the illusion. If we have intent to get to the bottom of things or better-said reach the core of our self-created patterns, untwist our twisted path, we will.

Perseverance is Key to Regaining our Wholeness:

Perseverance is key. The journey into the underworld of our wounded self is not an easy one but it is a path to freedom from the invisible forces that hold us prisoner. It is the path that liberates our soul so we may live the life of joy as was intended. This path then illuminates our way, our thoughts and brings home the missing pieces of our true self.

I felt everyone was judging me but in truth I began to blame and judge myself at a very young age. With that I attracted situations that could have freed me from the lie but instead I took the path of strengthening the judgments by feeling every part of the victim.

Return Home to Your Heart:

These patterns are self created not because we were bad or stupid or weak or unworthy but because we were innocent, tender, unskilled and felt unsafe. Then fear drives us apart from our own divinity. Do you think our parents or caregivers had it any easier mentally or emotionally? I think not. They did the best they knew how and now it is time for us to do our best.

It is time to return, to take the steps back or forward into the light from where we came, even if it means walking into the dark to get there.

Ask for help when you need it.

It will hasten the journey but remember it is assistance and is not meant as a way to relinquish your responsibility. Confide in someone you trust, reach for guidance when you get confused. Find the core cause of your pattern without getting attached to the story. Discover the treasure of “understanding” that allows love to release you from it (the pattern). You will find your inner strength and courage, your talents and your divinity all waiting for you to bring them home to your heart. You will come to understand the importance of forgiveness as another integral key to your own freedom.

It all began with the self and so it can be said it begins and ends with you.

Somewhere along the way we all discover a helping hand or a guiding light until our own light shines bright enough for us to see. Remember how powerful and beautiful you are. When our heart is healed, open, filled with the love of Source, it is easy to remember we are connected: we are not alone.

 Break through, Feel, Get Real:

Are you feeling judged, like the world is out to get you? Do you judge others? Either way, this path leads to dimming down. Find your way back to the truth. Find your way back to the light. Find your way back to love. Take the journey of self-discovery and recover what has been lost to you. In this way sharing and caring becomes a joyous and sustainable part of everyday life.

Break through, feel, get real, then love will have room to grow and expand our consciousness.

Become who you have always been a beautiful, bright, soulful, being of amazing talent.

YOU are light, beautiful, creative and uniquely you.

This world would not be the same without you or me 🙂

Love and light


Total Health Includes Your Brain

You have heard: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” and “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Well, I would like to share some brain boosting information and activities in the hope that you may find them fun, helpful, and useful.

As we walk into the new age we are being called into action. This means the information we are bringing in must be digested and made useful. We are to put into action that which we know will bring us closer to who we have always been, divine children of a loving Creator.

This loving Creator has given us everything we need to create the life we so desire. We simply have to look within for the treasures, talents and gifts that have been bestowed upon us and bring them into the light of day.

A Well-Stimulated Brain Elevates Your Mood.

A well-stimulated brain elevates your mood, which helps you feel better on the inside. Studies show that if you do not keep your mind active your brain loses some of its functionality as you age which causes memory loss, brain fog and even Alzheimer’s. Who wants that? Not me and probably not you!

1) Reading:

Reading stimulates the brain as it activates your imagination. Look at you, you are already stimulating your brain! Reading helps with memory retention and problem solving, especially if you are reading a mystery. Self-help books, blogs and articles that offer useful healing and transformation information stimulate your brain by helping you to think for yourself, as well as find your own solutions. This helps you feel personally empowered which stimulates inner courage and strength to do things different.

2) Meditation:

Stimulate your brain with meditation. Meditation has been shown to increase your IQ, relieve stress and promotes a higher level of brain functioning. Meditation also stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the area of the brain responsible for advanced thinking ability and performance.

Check out the Benefits of Meditation video for more great ” stimulating” reasons to meditate and make it part of your day:)

3) Exercise:

We all know exercising is great for the body but did you know it is also great for your brain? Exercising helps circulate blood that carries oxygen to your brain. Over the long-term, exercise has been proven to increase brainpower and even create new neurons.

4) Walking:

Walking is a form of exercise and meditation. I am listing it in a category of its own because of its sweet nature. Walking allows you to clear your mind and recognize your own thoughts. With a little practice you can then easily choose what thoughts you want to give your attention to. Walking gives your brain a chance to wander freely and, as a good form of exercise for your body, is easy on your joints. So get outdoors and walk for the fun it and for the love of all you are.


5) Writing:

Writing improves memory, stimulates thought processes, and improves thought expression; all of which enhance brain function. Writing articles, blogs, or journal entries connects you with deep inner thought, stretches you to discover new words, broadening your vocabulary and stimulating your imagination. See video on Journal Writing to receive some tips on just how fun, easy and rewarding journal writing can be.

6) Painting or Drawing:

You do not have to be an “artist” to paint just like you do not have to be a “writer” to write.

Attaching to labels like this can often keep us from approaching new things that are, in the long run, very healing, helpful and positively fun. All we really have to do is ~ Do It!  🙂

Painting has been shown to be an effective brain booster in that it sparks the creativity within you. Give it a go* Who knows, that creative spark may take you on a journey that leads you to discover talents you didn’t know you had.

If you take a look at the Energy Art page you can see I am not a trained artist but that doesn’t stop me from playing with paint and bringing a whimsical gift out into the world.

Like painting, drawing stimulates the creative side of your brain. If you do not want to paint, a fun alternative would be to get out some colored pencils or funky ink pens and paper and start boosting your brain power by simply drawing or doodling some fun designs. Remember, no matter what our age, play time is important to our Total Health and Wellness.

7) Pure Fruit Juice and Fish Oil Supplements:

Drinking a serving of pure fruit juice contains nutrients that revitalize and refresh the brain. Juices to drink are pomegranate, blueberry and cranberry as they deliver more focus and energy.

Taking fish oil supplements is literally like a membrane material for the brain. The two primary components in fish oil, DHA and EPA, strengthen the emotional center of the brain and boost focus.

8 ) Sleep and Deep Breathing:

Sleep clears out the brain clutter and reduces brain fog. However, this is not the case when sleep is induced with drugs. We all need natural sleep. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, you could try some chamomile tea before bedtime or play some environment sound or soothing music as you prepare for sleep so your memory and brain function do not suffer.

Deep breathing helps deliver oxygen to your brain. As little as 10-15 minutes of deep breathing daily can increase brain functionality. It also makes us conscious of our breath and brings the present moment into greater focus.

9) Playing Games and Listening to Music:

Examples of games that stimulate the brain are *picture puzzles, *strategy games, *crossword puzzles, *card games, *optical illusions, *visualization puzzles, *deduction games and *card games.

They can be fun to share with friends and family. Playing games together has a bonding effect. However, as you can see, if you want to play some brain boosting games on your own there are several to choose from. What do you see in this picture?

Studies have proven that listening to music strengthens the right hemisphere of the brain and actually changes the structure of it. Choose music that is uplifting, soothing or in some way feels really good to you. Harsh music with debilitating lyrics has a negative effect on the immune system and can make a person feel agitated or even aggressive. So, love yourself enough to choose your music wisely.

Step into your “today” happy and at peace:

See if you can put one of these tips into action. If you already do one or a few of them, add one you haven’t done yet. Share some of these tips with others. As we walk through the fast paced changes in life, having a clear mind and stable emotional body will be a great asset to you, your family and to everyone on planet Earth.

Live Life Whole, Happy and Free!

Why? Because you can ! 🙂

Love, Astara