Appreciation, Grace and Curiosity

Good morning, good night and goodness in-between

When morning arrives there is this precious moment when we first realize we are awake. In this moment, sleep may try to pull us back into dream land or our soul may nudge us making the possibility of going back to sleep less likely. In this moment, before we open our eyes, smile and say a quiet little “thank-you” for the day that is about to unfold. This quiet little “thank-you” sends a wave of grace and appreciation out into the Universe. The vibration we emit is the vibration we attract. Getting into the flow of appreciation from the beginning of our day sets a tender tone. This is the perfect time to let our imagination paint a beautiful picture. After all, it is a brand new day unfolding. We can imagine ourselves courageous, well balanced and capable of handling anything that comes our way with Grace and ease. We can imagine ourselves experiencing peace of mind throughout the day and especially when we come up against something unexpected. We can imagine the very center of our being strong, fluid, and over flowing with love. Our imagination is a powerful tool that we can choose to use to assist us in creating our day.

Beginning our Daygratitude in the morning

As we slowly get up and begin moving into our day, we can choose to allow this delicious feeling to fill our heart center and our entire body. We can even imagine this feeling of appreciation filling all the spaces in-between the cells and atoms of our body and all around us. As the day progresses we can add to the vibration of gratitude and appreciation, emanating from our very being, by simply saying thank-you to people and experiences throughout the day, whatever they may be.  Developing a sense of gratitude for all our experiences, regardless if they are challenging or smooth, allows the energy of Grace and Love to flow through us unimpeded. The more our very being vibrates at the rate of appreciation and gratitude the more we attract situations and people that are happy and appreciative. Happiness is an expression of our true nature and is found in the deep acceptance of the self.  The more we align with appreciation the easier it is to accept ourselves just as we are with enough courage to change the things we see that need changing. Read more »

During difficult times ~ Persevere ~ The Light is Near

beautiful light

Jesus said,” If you bring forth what is within in you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

This is powerful and worthy of contemplation.

Good times and challenges:

If you are in a dark place~ know that there is an end. Do not feed the folly or give credence to the voice that says “this is all there is” or “this will never end.” That voice is deception. It is denial. It is the fearful wounded aspect of self and it is false.

Remind yourself of the truth.

The light is present and soon I will see it. It is within me. The light has never left.  I am simply finding my way home.  I will persevere. This is my choice.

Find …. yes I will Find my way Home to the light, where I can see the beauty that life is. In the light, life itself opens to me in such a way that I am able to see the love, wonder, and the possibilities.  I embrace life with all that I am. This is the truth.

The Voice Within:

This voice that soothes with love and honesty, with courage and patience in the dark and in the light is the voice of Mother/Father God speaking through the soul of our being that is awake and aware of His presence.

Remember, present actions have an effect on future desires. This includes the thoughts we entertain. We travel through the darkness clearing and making room for spiritual expansion. The light of spirit, the love of God, when called upon will illuminate our path and vibrate hope~ a positive expectation without attachment. This lifts us as we make our way through the dark passage, reminding ourselves that the dawn is coming and more will be revealed.

Renewed Power to Decide:power to choose to decide

Greater clarity will fuel our decisions. Making decisions fuels our courage and inner strength. Our inner strength then fuels better and more courageous decisions and so it goes until a new pattern is born. One step at a time takes you somewhere. Walk toward love, walk toward light, starting with our thoughts as we allow our emotions to express honestly. With our thoughts, direct the energy in motion ( emotion) to rise up and come into resonance with love. Emotions free from repression raise our overall frequency. This is transformation, this is healing. Bring forth what is in you and it will save you. Read more »