How Do I Get Happy?

How do I get happy?

Come away from the periphery of life, the endless distractions of the outer world, to dwell in your Heart Center where God’s love vibrates unconditionally.

Happiness is our natural state. For those that have not been happy for sometime that may sound like a distant dream from another land. We have been living with high levels of unnatural stress and have come to some how think that is natural. It is nothing more than a by-product of our so-called modern world.

Peace and freedom are gateways to happiness. So why do we spend so much energy attempting to control forces outside of ourselves and so little energy consciously directing the flow of our own thoughts to align with inner peace and love? I think, in part, that we have been conditioned to look outside ourselves for peace, happiness, answers to our prayers and that has caused great confusion.


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Love and Sex

Love expands ones consciousness and existence. If an individual is living a life filled with fear and lack they have contracted their energy so much that they squeeze love out of their energy field. It is not gone. It did not leave them. They are not open to receive love.

Love is such a powerful and ever present energy. Love changes everything when we call it to us. Loves changes everything with grace when we allow it flow through us. When life is felt to be little more than one challenge after another love is still present, waiting to be received.

Love and Sex:

Too often sex is experienced in a state of denial. One can only love another to the degree they are able to love themselves. If unconditional self-love is not present denial is. Some people experience sex is an atmosphere of self-loathing and hatred. Some experience sex in an atmosphere of duty or as a way to obtain favor. Some experience sex fixating on the body parts they do not love and feel shame. And still others experience sex as a performance. Read more »