Shine Bright or Dim your Light ~ The choice is yours

Shine Bright~ Don’t Dim Your Light !

Don’t dim your light with petty grievances, competition or envy. Don’t dim your light participating in revenge or by holding grudges and/or resentments. Don’t dim your light engaging and amplifying fear through your thoughts and actions. Don’t dim your light embracing judgments, anger, self-righteousness, frustration, jealousy or hatred. Don’t dim your light remaining stuck in depression, ungratefulness, and grief. Don’t dim your light pretending to be something you are not. Don’t dim your light making promises you cannot keep or proclaiming skills you have not yet mastered.

I know not if it is evil.  I do know it is painful. Haven’t we suffered enough?

I know it is less than divine and divine we are. Remember your divinity.

The light of love slows in vibration and fades under such duress. The light of love loses its power and gives way to the breakdown of our connection with Source, truthful communication, our joy, happiness, health and ability to give and receive, share and care with grace.

We are beginning to remember our divine origin. We are beginning to remember we are capable of unlimited possibilities and that we are an important part of All that Is.

With our willingness to lighten up we will see the unfolding of all that can be and shall be when love is allowed to flow. We will come to know the power of love. Where there is love there is true power. Where there is love there is peace and harmony.

Dare to Be All That You Are:

Who goes there, into the possibilities of All that is?

Who ventures into the midst of mystery?

Who looks inward to shed light into dark forgotten places?

Who has the courage to travel far and wide, deep within and forever?

I wonder, is it you?  Is it me?  Can we?

If we choose to we can because the power of choice is ours.

Don’t dim your light. I shall not dim mine. Read more »