Knowing Our True Nature

Our True Nature:

our true nature is peaceful and happyOur true nature is peaceful and happy. When we resist our own nature we fall prey to anger, illness, depression and so on. I am writing this at a time that has me experiencing sadness and not sure what else but what I do know is that I am not feeling like myself.

This is a reminder, a call to my attention that I have over extended. I have gone beyond what constitutes balance for me pushing past my own nature. There are times in our lives when the circumstances life presents has us going beyond, over extending ourselves. The moment we recognize this we must be responsible, step back and regain our balance. This is a choice and a good one at that.

I am being given the opportunity to purify through my tears, revitalize through the choices I make at this time and be patient with myself until I regain balance. I must be patient with the circumstances at hand until this passage through the underworld is complete. This is a time to contemplate and with all that I know to be true, I embrace thoughts that will take me where I want to go. My desired destination: alignment with my own true nature and Source. Read more »