Let your Experience be the catalyst for positive change

Life Experiences:

Expereince is a great teacher

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Experience is the catalyst for real change. How you perceive your experience makes a difference.

The old becomes compost for the new in our life if we let go. If we hold on to the pain, the suffering, the anger, the fear it decays, putrefies and becomes the poison that makes us sick mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The dis-ease can take the form of depression, cruelty, illness, and weakness on all levels.

Personal memory

I am reminded of a time when I was just 19 years old. I had been involved in a horrific motorcycle accident a year earlier. I did have an awakening at that time about how I created this reality but I was too young and too wounded to make use of this profound information. Because of that I fell asleep again.

My experience of the accident and all that it tried to tell me became the poison in my life. My depression was deep, my thoughts dark, my will to live was very weak. I found an escape with drugs that created a whole new set of problems. I finally reached a point of no return. I had a choice. I could dig in and find out what was causing me to be so unhappy and care so little for my life or I could continue on in the same old way and live a very short life. I chose to find myself.

This was in the 70’s. The self help industry was nothing like it is today. What I did find was a book by Norman Vincent Peale, ” Power of Positive Thinking.” I also read Proverbs in the Bible repeatedly. These were the only two sources of information I had at the time but it was a start. Like so many things in life we simply have to begin. My journey was clumsy and unguided. I literally cried everyday for the first 2 years. I thought I was losing my mind. In some ways I did. Looking back on this now if I had had the tools made available to us today I could have saved myself a lot of pain, grief, and time.

Our journey in life is our own: Read more »

Facebook and other things

how do you spend your time?

Spend your time wisely

I write FaceBook posts on my Conscious Mastery page.  I put myself in it or should I say I allow what is in me to come out. I value my time and do not spend much of it on FB at any given login because I have many other interests and things to do.  However, when I get an impulse to share I share from my heart in the hope it will meaningfully touch the heart of another with inspiration and love.

I read other peoples posts too. I came across one the other day that asked, ” Do you put thought into your FB posts.” I thought it was a good question and I could honestly say to myself, ” Yes I do.”

I see many wonderful posts on the pages that I have liked from my Conscious Mastery page. Sometimes I see posts that really tickle my funny bone and some that reflect the writers personal and unique perspectives of life and spiritual growth. Often I see the same quotes, common threads of thought coming up over and over. Some have a different picture or a slight variation but the essence of it is the same. We, the people learn through repetition so I take the repetitive posts in stride. The more we repeat a skill or ponder a thought the more we become it. Whatever thoughts and ideas we put out into cyber space or take in has an effect on us and others. Our thoughts have power, the spoken word has power, the thoughts and feelings we share in life and on the web have power too. It is wise to consider what we put out and take in from cyberspace. It is also wise to deepen the understanding of the wise and meaningful quotes and thoughts we read and share so we can make a real difference in our lives.

Time for Transformation:

The real purpose of sharing and taking in growth promoting information is to use it. Practical application of wise words on a daily basis is what will shift the vibrational message we send out into the world faster than simply reading them. When the vibrational message we send out into the world changes so does our life. The only downside of seeing the same quotes show up over and over again is if the message and meaning of the words are lost to the reader or the writer because it has not penetrated the heart and mind. It has been said before, there is a lot of information but very little transformation. I, for one, would like to see that change. Like anything else, it begins one person at a time. Let’s begin. Read more »