Response and the Inner Healer

inner healer

We are capable of more:

The body has wise counsel to give us if we would only still ourselves and listen. A mind filled with clutter and inner conflict makes inner listening very difficult and in some cases impossible. Repressed emotions add to this inner conflict and to a great degree are the very cause of it.

Sooner or later the physical body holds what the emotional body can no longer hold. Everything we ignore, attempt to suppress and successfully repress for a time, will eventually finds its way into the physical body. Symptoms provide clues to teach us the true cause for disease or injury.

If we would stop suppressing or ignoring the warnings or symptoms but instead began to listen and release the “cause,” disease would not come into full expression.

If it has already come into full expression then releasing the “cause” will bring about healing. Transformation and healing are one and the same. When we reclaim the power to transform our energy we heal ourselves. The agent of the healing is love, self-acceptance and a belief that all we need to heal ourselves is within us.

Find the wounded consciousness associated with the symptoms or break down of the body and you are well on your way to a life long intimate relationship with your inner healer and a healthy lifestyle.

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