Cosmic Wreckage

Cosmic Wreckage

I went into the cosmos and saw a dangerous thing

A hundred million thoughts went by of not any good thing


Thoughts of hate and lust and war,

Out picturing all the gore


Cosmic wreckage is a human creation.

Steady as they go manning their station

With Thoughts of jealousy, revenge and greed

Fodder for the angry breed


The Life Stream Divine is not of these things

Only humans create concepts so ugly

With hand on the trigger most just figure

If your not with my God you’ll be bloody


As the Law of attraction does state

Man is sealing his fate

As He Continues to fight and continues to hate

No room for love

It’s a stale mate


So many thoughts generated by man

Returns to give him the same

Showing up in his life like a cold steel knife

Ready to cut to the quick all that is sick


Life is trying to get his attention

If the mind became clear man could hear

Powerful as you are was this your intention?


To busy with blame to hear

To weary and lame with fear

The Laws of Life simply stated

Shows man just what he has created

Cosmic Wreckage

Those who heard me were not of this Earth

Author Astara

On a personal note I would like to say that in recognizing the wreckage we have created we can un-create it. We can build a life of great beauty, peace, harmony and love as it was intended from the beginning. First we must acknowledge our part in the mess. It starts in our heart, our mind, our feeling world and extends into our home and  our community with the things we say and talk about. It has everything to do with what we look at and pass on in social circles and social media. We have little time to waste and no time to wait for some one else to start. It starts now and it starts with you .. Be the love. Be the light, maintain inner harmony to the best of your ability. When you trip away from that inner peace do what ever it takes the moment you are able to get back to center. That is our job in this life. Master your feeling world, master your thoughts directing them every higher. Love is the real Power… pass it on

Strange isn’t it?

We all do what we do don’t we.

So many deeply believing in the illusion of lack and pain and suffering; the human condition and more importantly the human creation. Seeing everything that is wrong, thinking about and feeling the woes with uncanny steadfastness. Strange how humans are so devoted to such expenditures of energy, making daily even hourly investments keeping everything they don’t want so alive.


When Life begins to go so right, so good and all seems to be coming together, falling into place most people can’t and won’t believe it. They are waiting for the “other shoe to drop” as the saying goes. They even make bold statements of disbelief. Literally saying I can’t believe it! and other such powerful commands which tear asunder the Perfection of “Life” streaming into their reality. So eventually it does disappear and when it does it’s some how recognized as proof that such goodness doesn’t exist or doesn’t last in this life.

Stranger still…

is how we can believe in all the crap and darkness and hold strong our attention, our conversation, our feelings to such things but hold profound disbelief in the light, goodness and miracles of Life. How can we talk about manifestation and all the spiritual truths flying about these days and Still focus our attention so poorly?  Then, as if we had nothing to do with all that goes awry, blind to our inability to hold strong to the Light and love, we use the disintegration of all the goodness as some sort of validation that darkness and fear are powerful. That lack and poverty are just beating us up for no reason. If we are not standing in the Light we are feeding the dark. Wake up!  It is time to turn around. Yes turn around and think, feel and act as if everything good is here, coming and staying in our world with unwavering steadfastness.  What you know or what you think you know about spiritual truths will do nothing for you, your world or the world at large if these truths are not lived.  The time has come … oh children of the Light …We must find one another …. in order to do that we Must Wake up Now!