Tyrant and Martyr~ Indications of chakra imbalance

Poetic intro:

The tyrant and the martyr are both rude and cruel.

To rid the self of them both let the Heart Rule!

Disclaimer: As it goes there are vastly varying degrees of imbalance of any kind. It need not be a case of extremes for us to desire or recognize a need for balance and heart healing.

Where there is a tyrant there is a martyr. When the tyrant is taking center stage, the martyr is invisible growing ever more resentful. Often, the martyr may seem withdrawn, complacent or even calm and polite on the surface. However, as the tyrant and martyr flip-flop back and forth in an unsuccessful effort to find balance, its clear they are both rude and cruel.

Whoever the tyrant is flogging, whether it is the self or another, the fruits of such labor are short lived and bring no sustainable joy. When the tyrant gets weary and they will because they have cut themselves off from True Source of power and energy; the martyr moves to center stage with thoughts and feelings of being over worked and abused. Through these eyes they look about seeing everything they do not have. The focus of “poor me” builds a wave of resentment and jealously that pits everything they really want against itself bringing nothing. The martyr having built sufficient momentum of self pity, resentment, and jealousy eventually lashes out only to feel disgraced and cowers back in the shadows.

Too soon the tyrant will resurface taking control again but not the control of the self. This shadow piece just gets back in the drivers seat of the intellect, moving full throttle bringing out the whips to flog the self and eventually others who are in the line of fire.

The energy is out of balance and will remain so until the human stops and checks in, as it were, to find the cause of uncontrolled and imbalanced behavior.

Heal the tyrant that whips you without mercy, that causes you to gnash your teeth at those you love driving them far from you. I say this because every man or woman seen as a tyrant is surely a tyrant to him or her self first. In the shadows, invisible to the outer world, a relentless driver has gained control producing these tyrannic visible expressions in the work place, in politics, and in the home. All in all it began “within” and that is where the healing must take place.

I will say, without hesitation, that love has nothing to do with this. Love, although ever present, has been shut out. We have free will and as humans we do this (shut out love) often, mostly unconscious of course. I will say that there is room for some love to enter into the human while these shadow buddies are trading places. Here is where there is an opening to recognize that fear is the motivator, the driver of the intellect. It is always possible at any given moment to change course. However, here at the crossroad, typically provided by some event that shakes the core, knocking one or the other loose from the podium of control, where the possibility to change course is met with some humility. This humility offers an opening where love may enter and the heart has an opportunity to deliver some guidance.

I am not one who believes life has to fall apart for change to occur. We are living in times that provide so may opportunities to see who we have become in the reflection of our own life. So look around yourself. We are awake enough to know if we are happy or not, if we are living in squalor or health. We know if we are blaming someone or something for our unhappiness. We create our reality. That is the law of the Universe and our privilege and Power. To think otherwise is to continue on as a fool in an ever turning wheel of events with no discernible change.

If you are never happy or are only happy at the expense of another it would be wise to begin a healing process of your choosing now. For many, meditation is a good place to start but there are a plethora of choices and numerous support groups available for those wanting to heal their heart.

Remember the Bhagavad-Gita verse that says:

Lift up the self by the Self

do not let the self droop down

for the Self is the self’s only friend

and the self is the Self’s only foe


personal interpretation:

We, the self, are our only enemy allowing fear, greed and other such things to drive us creating unhappiness and in some cases even monsters where enlightened souls are crying to BE.

The Self, the ‘Presence’, is ever ready to guide us to a life of joy, kindness, health, happiness and a life of plenty if we would just get out of the way. We must trust, a bit more each day, that all is well and always will be. Trust, that even if we cannot see the changes yet, the ‘Presence’ the higher power will guide us right and all our needs will be met in perfect time.  For this to Be we must be willing to hold steadfast to our trust and hearts desire in the face of adversity. We must be unwavering in our application to love as our guiding Light. To give anything but love to those out of balance is to be out of balance. Love IS the balancing energy and the healing power. Make no mistake, to be less than humble in all of life’s trials and triumphs is inviting the expression of unbalanced energies, a dance with the shadow not the light.

A little about chakras:

Everything is energy. Most people know this on some level. I have addressed some of the energy of tyrant and martyr. There is a lot of these expressions in the world today. These behaviors are indications of charka imbalance. Charkas are energy centers in the body. Many people have done excellent work discussing the 7 major chakras so I am not going to reinvent the wheel. If you are interested in understanding this system of the body a little google search will bring up a lot of information.

As with any system, when one part is not working there is some kind of break down on every other part. The chakra system is no different. It is from this line of thought that I simply suggest a routine of balancing all charkas. In a world that is exposing shadow energy in great volume, I suggest a daily meditation practice and a little understanding of the charka system so you may heal yourself. Create a simple effective practice that you can do daily. One that adds to your life and doesn’t feel like a burden in time or effort. In this way a simple practice becomes sustainable and life changing.

in peace and in the light I bid you farewell for now

love, Astara


Cosmic Wreckage

Cosmic Wreckage

I went into the cosmos and saw a dangerous thing

A hundred million thoughts went by of not any good thing


Thoughts of hate and lust and war,

Out picturing all the gore


Cosmic wreckage is a human creation.

Steady as they go manning their station

With Thoughts of jealousy, revenge and greed

Fodder for the angry breed


The Life Stream Divine is not of these things

Only humans create concepts so ugly

With hand on the trigger most just figure

If your not with my God you’ll be bloody


As the Law of attraction does state

Man is sealing his fate

As He Continues to fight and continues to hate

No room for love

It’s a stale mate


So many thoughts generated by man

Returns to give him the same

Showing up in his life like a cold steel knife

Ready to cut to the quick all that is sick


Life is trying to get his attention

If the mind became clear man could hear

Powerful as you are was this your intention?


To busy with blame to hear

To weary and lame with fear

The Laws of Life simply stated

Shows man just what he has created

Cosmic Wreckage

Those who heard me were not of this Earth

Author Astara

On a personal note I would like to say that in recognizing the wreckage we have created we can un-create it. We can build a life of great beauty, peace, harmony and love as it was intended from the beginning. First we must acknowledge our part in the mess. It starts in our heart, our mind, our feeling world and extends into our home and  our community with the things we say and talk about. It has everything to do with what we look at and pass on in social circles and social media. We have little time to waste and no time to wait for some one else to start. It starts now and it starts with you .. Be the love. Be the light, maintain inner harmony to the best of your ability. When you trip away from that inner peace do what ever it takes the moment you are able to get back to center. That is our job in this life. Master your feeling world, master your thoughts directing them every higher. Love is the real Power… pass it on


Strange isn’t it?

We all do what we do don’t we.

So many deeply believing in the illusion of lack and pain and suffering; the human condition and more importantly the human creation. Seeing everything that is wrong, thinking about and feeling the woes with uncanny steadfastness. Strange how humans are so devoted to such expenditures of energy, making daily even hourly investments keeping everything they don’t want so alive.


When Life begins to go so right, so good and all seems to be coming together, falling into place most people can’t and won’t believe it. They are waiting for the “other shoe to drop” as the saying goes. They even make bold statements of disbelief. Literally saying I can’t believe it! and other such powerful commands which tear asunder the Perfection of “Life” streaming into their reality. So eventually it does disappear and when it does it’s some how recognized as proof that such goodness doesn’t exist or doesn’t last in this life.

Stranger still…

is how we can believe in all the crap and darkness and hold strong our attention, our conversation, our feelings to such things but hold profound disbelief in the light, goodness and miracles of Life. How can we talk about manifestation and all the spiritual truths flying about these days and Still focus our attention so poorly?  Then, as if we had nothing to do with all that goes awry, blind to our inability to hold strong to the Light and love, we use the disintegration of all the goodness as some sort of validation that darkness and fear are powerful. That lack and poverty are just beating us up for no reason. If we are not standing in the Light we are feeding the dark. Wake up!  It is time to turn around. Yes turn around and think, feel and act as if everything good is here, coming and staying in our world with unwavering steadfastness.  What you know or what you think you know about spiritual truths will do nothing for you, your world or the world at large if these truths are not lived.  The time has come … oh children of the Light …We must find one another …. in order to do that we Must Wake up Now!



Dream within a Dream

Let Go Let GodI am giving today’s post this title because I am living a dream within a dream. Conscious Mastery, a dream of helping others, spreading the light and love was born from the dream of my soul expressing through music. The life lessons that came, not only from the learning curve of the art itself, but from the lyrics that came to and through me set me on a course to improve myself, my thinking and in all ways how I lived and dealt with Life.  I call the music Conscious Rock  for that reason. The music gave way to writing my first book, Conscious Mastery~ Freedom from the Inside out.” I realize now it is somewhat of a school book so to speak. Unlike a novel, reading from beginning to end, my book has had people jumping to chapters that were delivering information pertinent to their current life experience and so the book delivers help when and where needed.

Before and after the book was published I held meditation classes, sessions on line and other forms of “teaching” which from my humble point of view is a sharing of knowledge acquired through life experiences.

Oliver Wendel Holmes Jr. said ” A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” I find this to be as true a statement if ever there was one. The majority of my time is now spent in the dream of creating and sharing my music. I feel a sense of having come full circle. The experiences of writing the book and all that came with it stretched my mind and so it is that I see the natural blending of these two dreams of living life whole, happy, and free doing what makes my heart say “Yes girl you are on the right path.”

I just released a new EP ( extended play) album titled “Rattle the Cage”  My thoughts and feelings about the music gave me this tag line: “Raising the consciousness of mankind one song at a time” so you see Conscious Mastery and Astara Summers Music are linked. I will continue to post articles here and my plan is to become a bit more transparent so you see me as a real person. I would also like to invite you to check out my music web-site at


Many of us who are driven to do a certain type of work know that it is not done for money, however living on planet Earth money is an exchange of energy needed to get on with living. “Rattle the Cage” is a 5 song Ep  available as a download for $4.99. If you don’t like downloading and would rather have an actual CD, physical copies will be available on Cdbaby by end of Sept/beginning Oct ( same link applies) Some people still like that …  Well I got you covered this time.

Here is the link to download Rattle the Cage. direct from CDbaby

or you can down load direct from my site on the music page

I want to thank you for your support. I do hope you feel the light and lift that comes when creating with love, when you listen to these songs, fore as sure as I am writing this, love is the main ingredient in all my work.

Laying the foundation for the next EP has begun. I will play live beginning in Oct.2016

I am available as a keynote speaker/musician for conferences, conventions and retreats. An event planner who would love to have an author singer/songwriter of all things Conscious delivering the keynote for their event, I am their girl.

If anyone receiving this knows of an event planner looking to fill such a position please share this or send me their contact info via e-mail and I will happily follow up with them.

I am available to create custom songs .. there is page on my site discussing that as well.

May the light of a new day dawn each morning inspiring you to love more today than yesterday

love and light

Song titles:

Ode to the Greedy Man

Coming out of Nowhere


Philosophers Stone

Be Here Now


A Tender Soul

I don’t know a tender soul Who ever instantly benefited from

An acid bath, a caustic whipping from a cruel tongue

The ranting of a cruel one creates hardship without a thought
When a kind word would have brought…

Now tender soul broken and battered
must travel deep within to remember what mattered.

tender soul

Like days of old when tales were told
of a right of passage
If they discover the treasure Is to love beyond all measure
They rise from the fire with a burning desire
to love

For what is the purpose of myths if not to alert the tender soul
If not to let him know That love and courage will make him whole.

Some tender souls do not survive
too soon they have departed
cruel ones creating more cruel ones
by breaking the tender hearted

Love is the path that will bring the victory,
the liberation the supply
Cruelty is the lie
Let not one more tender soul die

Think twice even thrice
Allow only love to pass the boundary of thy lips.





The Whipping Boy is Dead

freedom Long live the Victor

The whipping boy is dead.


The whips of tongue and leather breaking spirit, breaking skin

Destructive painful even insidious

evidence lost to the blind eye.


Attracting a beating for crimes not his own

he is a sin eater grasping for food.

The line is breached, a serenity siege

By insults upon his soul


Whipping boy, Sin eater

dines on shame and pain

’til he’s full and ready for sleep.

Little did he know when he rose this day

this sleep would be for keeps


Rise up! Rise up!  Remove your shackles

Turn and face your aggressors!

With fire of white and all your might

Pour love to them from Thee


Watch as they fall, they flee, they stumble

Scattered by the winds of change

Whipping boy is dead

Giving way to the light of a new day.


I feel mySelf expanding into places where he hid,

Taking space and precious energy waiting to do his bit.

The cycle is now complete, any attempt to rouse him to eat

A sin not of my own making

Will Fail

All Hail

The whipping boy is dead

Long live the Victor !

The End.

to freedom from all oppression

in light and love






A personal realization:

I have felt indebted when all I needed to Be was a gracious receiver.

I have felt entitled when in truth I owed a debt of gratitude and then some.

Times have changed, people change, I have changed. Today I am as I was before I lost my self to fear, to doubt, to worry, to the lie that I was not enough.

Now I Am as I have always been before I changed to become some one I was not.

Liberation is a quality embraced by expanding consciousness.

love and light


ever changing life


Leave No Trace save for Love

River of Life


Only love is permitted in my temple

All else pass through,

Leave no trace.

There is no room for doubt in this temple of mine,

there is no room for judgement.




Love flows through this temple, which is dedicated to, devoted to, and in love with love, the stream of Life, that gives of Its Self with no limit.

Should I come to visit I shall bring and give only love.

I shall leave no trace save love when I depart.

The endless stream of Life the “Life Stream” fills me to overflowing. Constant application to Universal Laws makes this so.

A great river is beginning to form.

I give “It” my attention and determination. This is my will.

Nothing shall have my attention, save love, the Stream of Life.

No outer activity shall divert me.

My power is directed consciously.

I give constant application to Self-correction and Self Discipline.

I Am lovingly obedient unto the Light. This is my choice.

I joyously receive the “ Presence” the “Pure Christ” Energy;  this is my reward.


I continue to learn to expand the vibration of joy, happiness, charity, hope and serenity. This is my choice.

When outer reality provides me a challenge, I consciously decide how I desire and choose to feel.

I can feel it intensely, satisfying the deep need to feel and in the feeling to feel alive.


The Life stream has been largely distorted. “Its” energy flows to us for our use.

So many rooms in the temple of mankind are filled with anger, resentment, jealousy, grief, and hatred qualifying the pure energy of Life with these qualities.

When outer reality provides a match for any of these qualities that quality is stimulated. It isn’t the Life Stream. It is the individual’s choice of cultivated qualities.

Feeling helps mankind feel alive. We do not have to develop the negative spectrum to feel alive but most of mankind has. This is a poor use of the Pure Love given us through the stream of Life. It is time to recognize the part we all play in creating our life and life all around us by how we feel, think. speak and act and set a course for higher vibrations.

It is so easy to express these negative destructive feelings simply because those are the ones continually cultivated through thoughts and the ungoverned activity of emotions. Much of the challenge is to control the energy and thereby redirect and channel the energy into higher states.

Qualify the energy with understanding, peace, and patience until a way is made clear to let go of all that mess.

Let no trace remain in the temple, your temple.  Allow the Stream of Life to flow unhindered.

My journey is to allow the Stream of Life to become a mighty river with momentum enough to carry me to the Light within Its heart.

And what of your journey? By what road do you travel?

Wherever you go in body or mind ~ Leave no trace save for love.

peace, love and light





Self-Reliance ~ Video ~Positive thought forms ~ music from Intentional Grooves~

Love ThySelf~Intentional GrooveThe Music comes from the Intentional Grooves genre. The album is called Love ThySelf

In an easy up beat manner take in these powerful thought forms. It is in the way we think feel and our activity that brings substance into form creating our reality. Feel the peace within, think thoughts of a high conscious nature, be an instrument of kindness in this world.



love and light



Lasting Happiness

 Are you ready to be happy ?
Are you willing to do what it takes to experience “Lasting Happiness?”

Most of us know happiness is not dependent upon what we have or what is our station in life etc. etc. etc. so I won’t go into that. There is evidence of this everywhere.

Here begins my offering in hopes of inspiring your “Lasting Happiness.”

Happiness that survives challenges and eventually resurfaces after the storm is one vibration. Happiness that continues to be present during the storm “Lasting Happiness” is quite another. The vibration of “Lasting Happiness” has Peace emanating from It’s very core. A firm conviction to remain ever present, trusting in the process of Life and faith in the Goodness of Life cultivates deep inner Peace. The door of freedom is wide open when we choose to be free from the negativity that attempts to gain our attention. Stand firm regardless of appearances. In this freedom, peace deepens. The truth is that everything we need and need to know lies within us if we would take the time to be still.  In the stillness, consciousness becomes fixed upon the essence of being, the very light of the soul. The clamor of the outer mind begins to quiet. Patience will take you there.

When the challenges that we all face give way to argument and a need to prove righteousness we are employing our lower ego. There is no “Lasting Happiness” here. When the challenges that we all face inspire us to dig deep and love big we are cultivating the reality of “Lasting Happiness.” It is not just in fairy tales that “Happy ever after” exists. The veil of illusion that has humans adhering to the darkness is beginning to give way. This is a time for our activity, our thoughts, and our feelings to be in alignment with the truth that is making itself known. The truth is Divine Love is the path, the way and gives solution to every discord humans create including the creation of human love which is far from Divine love as it is typically laced with jealousy, fear, guilt and God knows what else. Visualize peace. Be at peace with yourself and others. Know that responsibility lies first and foremost in what is happening in our own world, the day to day of our ordinary life. Get that part on track. Be the example of what you say you believe, hope for and desire.

There are two choices everyone who desires “Lasting Happiness” can and must employ.  Self discipline and self correction. Pull in the tendrils of energies you’ve been given to create and begin creating something positive, something beautiful, starting with yourself. Be the best you, resist the urge or habit of telling others what to do, what is right for them and how it should be. Resist being the one to correct others in favor of redirecting your energy to correct yourself, discipline your consciousness to choose peace and freedom. Discontinue complaining, fretting, telling lies, worrying, gossiping, ruminating about negative things. Free yourself from being angry, judgmental, critical and mean. No one likes to think of themselves as mean yet many people are mean and don’t even realize it. How do I begin…you may ask???  Still yourself. See who you have become. When you see yourself as you have become begin to employ self discipline and self correction.

Take the time to center, still your outer mind, listen for the inner voice that guides all humans to experience Perfection in this life. Embrace the light that is the Source of “Lasting Happiness.” One step at a time in this way will lead you on a path of perfecting yourself. You will be amazed at how many things in your life will shift and change as you persevere on the path to Light. Some things and people will fade away. Do not fret, just let go and let God.  I say this because as you continue on the path the Radiance of the one true God regardless of what anyone calls the Source of Life will expand and illuminate your life. Shine on!




Here is my rendition of coloring “Balance of the Masculine Feminine” from last post. If you have a snap shot of yours send it to me and I will post it. Let me know of your experience if you feel so moved to share …peace and love






Coloring page by: Mother/daughter Heather and Alyza…


Thank you for sharing  🙂






May your path lead you to the reality of experiencing “Lasting Happiness

love and light