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The Whipping Boy is Dead

Long live the Victor The whipping boy is dead.   The whips of tongue and leather breaking spirit, breaking skin Destructive painful even insidious evidence lost to the blind eye.   Attracting a beating for crimes not his own he is a sin eater grasping for food. The line is breached, a serenity siege By […]

Share Your Wisdom

Giving advice or guidance that is born of experience is likened to an explorer who found a way from here to there then created a road map for others. The road map would help those interested in venturing further into the great unknown.
Our consciousness is like a vast territory waiting to be discovered.

Let your Experience be the catalyst for positive change

Experience is the catalyst for real change. How you perceive your experience makes a difference. Let go of anything you might be holding from those experiences so you can drink from the well spring of wisdom. This is where the real magic begins. As we lighten up, our vibrational signature begins to rise up.

Shine Bright or Dim your Light ~ The choice is yours

We need our light to see our way through these rapidly changing times, to traverse this new unfolding territory with grace and ease, faith and trust. The world needs our light to assist those who have not yet awakened to the truth of their own divinity. They will, of course, but with the help of our light courageously shining forth the evolution of mankind will quicken.

During difficult times ~ Persevere ~ The Light is Near

Remember, present actions have an effect on future desires. This includes the thoughts we entertain. We travel through the darkness clearing and making room for spiritual expansion. The light of spirit, the love of God, when called upon will illuminate our path and vibrate hope~ a positive expectation without attachment

Consciousness of Expansion and Contraction

Much like the tides come in and go out, our own expansion and contraction is a natural flow or pulse of life. When contraction is natural timely and healthy it will be experienced in the form of retreat and rest. Expansion follows a time of contraction (or retreat ) expanding our consciousness and improving the health of our bodies.

Consciously consider the nature of habits

Habits create a structure limiting the true needs of the body. Habits override the sensitive response of the body. Habits are habits and if the structure of a good habit is overriding the sensitive response of the body, how “good” is it really?

Poetry reminding us of our Oneness

Poetry titled; “And Then One Day” ~~
I saw a young mother who could use a helping hand. I whizzed on by ~ no time to understand
And then one day….

Spoken Word, Creative Energy, Self-Discovery, Connection with Source

Creative writing is just one of many ways creative energy helps us tap into the flow of Source energy bringing understanding and insight. Tapping into creative energy reduces stress, awakens our spirit and stirs our soul from sleep. It carries us onward as we heal from the separation that causes us distress and dis-ease on so many levels.

Transmutation and Transformation

Before transformation comes the process of transmutation also referred to as initiation or alchemy. In essence it is the change that creates a sustainable shift in frequency from a lower vibration to a higher more conscious, compassionate and self empowered vibration. Our emotions are so powerful they can and will create change. They can be […]