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The Whipping Boy is Dead

Long live the Victor The whipping boy is dead.   The whips of tongue and leather breaking spirit, breaking skin Destructive painful even insidious evidence lost to the blind eye.   Attracting a beating for crimes not his own he is a sin eater grasping for food. The line is breached, a serenity siege By […]

Inspirational Quotes and Verses

Quotes and sayings to inspire personal growth, a remembrance of our own divinity and the alchemy of growth from very different sources. Still the truth is the truth is the truth and lives on through the passage of time.

Recover Personal Power~Closing the Gap of Separation*part 2

What is the gap and what does it separate us from? The gap is the chasm we create when we are unable to accept our self, our experience and on some level are less than honest with our feelings and our thoughts. It is the distance between who we think we are and the divine […]

Self~Discovery Discovering your Emotional Nature

Self discovery is a term many more people are beginning to embrace with a sense of curiosity. Some are more than curious. They are down right interested in understanding what makes them “tick” so to speak. They want to know why they make the choices they do, why they act and react as they do and why people treat them in certain ways. This blog post on Self-Discovery is targeting our emotional nature at present.

Life Review ~ Your Year in Reveiw

As this year comes to an end, I would like to suggest that you take some of your precious time and review your year. This inner journey will be as much fun as it is enlightening. It will remind you of what choices you made and didn’t make. It will reveal to you how often […]

Conscious Change~Leave No Stone Unturned

One day you may wake up and realize that things just don’t feel good or feel right to you anymore. If that is where you are question everything. Leave no stone unturned. If change is already upon you question everything. If there is some area of your life that you immediately think, “oh that is […]

Meditation-Visualization “The Power of Love”

Practice this visualization exercise of healthy self love as often as you can: Choose a quiet time when you will be uninterrupted and a place where you can sit comfortably. Inhale deeply and exhale with a big sigh. Do this a few times until you are very relaxed and breathing deeply. Imagine that you are […]

Journal Writing

Writing in a journal is a wonderful tool on the road to self-discovery. The transformation of energy through the creative art of writing your thoughts and feelings brings light to many confusing and highly emotionally charged situations. It is also a wonderful place to write about all the things you are grateful for. Gratitude lifts […]

Consciously~Hold Your Space

Hold Your Space written, produced and performed by Astara Summers Feel the love that you are and remember to breath consciously. Don’t  collapse with external negativity . Feel the love growing deep inside of thee. Hold Your Space* Be the love. Walk in peace. Hold Your Space* Allow inspiration to find you and guide you […]

In Search of My True Voice

It seems there is something or someone that comes along and strikes us in such a way as to motivate us to wake up and dive in. Such motivation for me was finding love and my true voice. My heart and my voice had been buried beneath life’s experiences that were too overwhelming to feel […]