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Recover Personal Power~Closing the Gap of Separation*part 2

What is the gap and what does it separate us from? The gap is the chasm we create when we are unable to accept our self, our experience and on some level are less than honest with our feelings and our thoughts. It is the distance between who we think we are and the divine […]

Life Review ~ Your Year in Reveiw

As this year comes to an end, I would like to suggest that you take some of your precious time and review your year. This inner journey will be as much fun as it is enlightening. It will remind you of what choices you made and didn’t make. It will reveal to you how often […]

Consciously Be~Authentic

Lyrics: (written, produced and performed by Astara Summers) Be     (Just as I am) You are the wind.  You are the rain, I see again Able and Cain You are the fruit I gather dear. You are the One. You are the tear. You are the sky. You are the sea. You are the One telling […]