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The Mind vs. Internal Guidance

The influence of the mind can be troublesome. Everyday we face the challenge to move away from the preoccupation of other spaces and other times.Generally speaking, most people hesitate or are reluctant to follow internal guidance because they simply do not trust it. It speaks quietly like a whisper, yet with desire and practice we can begin to hear and learn to recognize the voice of divine guidance and begin to trust it.

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Meditation~ 3 minute Ocean meditation

In today’s busy world we can all benefit from a little time out. Remember when you were a child and you got a time out? It felt like the worst thing that could happen but by the time it was over you really did feel so much better. 🙂 Well as adults we need to […]

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Self~Discovery Discovering your Emotional Nature

Self discovery is a term many more people are beginning to embrace with a sense of curiosity. Some are more than curious. They are down right interested in understanding what makes them “tick” so to speak. They want to know why they make the choices they do, why they act and react as they do and why people treat them in certain ways. This blog post on Self-Discovery is targeting our emotional nature at present.

Seven Self help Steps To Health and Happiness

Step One: Smile! Smile! As soon as you wake up, even before you open your eyes, put a smile on your face. Whisper or silently say, “This is a great day thank-you for it.” The first time you see your face in the mirror in the morning smile at yourself. Every time during the day […]

Are You Having An Affair With Dysfunction?

Some people hear themselves say they hate something or some situation. Some even know that what they think precedes the spoken word. Taken a step further some people even know they create their reality by their own thoughts and feelings. Still they chose to remain in unhappy situations changing neither the pattern of thought nor […]

A Conscious Rise Above Survival

Survival Instinct: Many people who live in a constant state of stress are unconsciously activating the survival instinct also referred to as the flight-fight syndrome. A state of denial accompanies ongoing stress. This can make a person feel anxious, depressed and desperate. The choices that are made are largely unconscious and out of balance. They […]

Importance of Breath

Breath and Life: Breathing affects every system of our bodies and also has a general effect on our memories, our energy levels, and our concentration.  The breath oxygenates the body, revitalizing organs, cells and tissues.  Everything we do, from the feelings we have to the choices we make, are influenced by the breath. Yet little […]

Laughter Good for the Soul

Laughter is contagious. When you hear it it strikes a chord within that brings a smile to ones face. Deep belly laughs can be so strong as to make even the most distracted grumpster feel the well of joy within their very being. If you are in the dull drums and need a lift listen […]

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Consciously~Hold Your Space

Hold Your Space written, produced and performed by Astara Summers Feel the love that you are and remember to breath consciously. Don’t  collapse with external negativity . Feel the love growing deep inside of thee. Hold Your Space* Be the love. Walk in peace. Hold Your Space* Allow inspiration to find you and guide you […]