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Spring has Sprung

It is amazing how fast time is flying. We are already in our first week of April. It brings to mind just how important it is to make the most of our days and nights. As we feel the increase of new energy we can make the most of it by simply devoting time on a daily basis to some very basic practices.

Master Higher Levels of Consciousness

For our consciousness to rise up sustainably, we must support it with both healthy loving thoughts and actions. It is a combination of releasing the old and nurturing the new. To master levels of consciousness that are free of denial, guilt, fear and judgment allowing truth and love to flow through us, to us and from us we must practice what we to know to be true.

Consciously Care for the Body

Seeds of Thought Part 1 of a 4 part series:
Within any seed lies the potential for great beauty, great strength and wisdom. All it needs is proper nurturing for it to burst forth in divine time and splendor. Seed #1 : The Body: The time has come for us to remember the healer that dwells within and begin the process of trusting in that innate power to maintain the health of our body or heal our body if we wake up and discover it is not well.

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Unhealthy Relationships ~ Recognize Them and Make a Change

Unhealthy love and a tendency to behave in an overly passive or excessively care taking way has a negative impact one’s relationship’s and quality of life. Placing a lower priority on one’s own needs, while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others is cause for depleted energy level, ill health and depression.

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The Mind vs. Internal Guidance

The influence of the mind can be troublesome. Everyday we face the challenge to move away from the preoccupation of other spaces and other times.Generally speaking, most people hesitate or are reluctant to follow internal guidance because they simply do not trust it. It speaks quietly like a whisper, yet with desire and practice we can begin to hear and learn to recognize the voice of divine guidance and begin to trust it.

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Power of Words Spoken and Unspoken

How many times can we say ‘” Leave me alone,” before we find ourselves totally alone. Words have power especially when fueled by intense emotion. If we say with great anger,” Just leave me alone!” it should come as no surprise when we find ourselves in the very state we have so fervently asked for. […]

Breathing, Unity, Breath as One

There is an amazing web-site I would like to share with you. It is called Do As One. They have a breathing room created to unite humanity using the power of conscious breathing by allowing people to breath together synchronously from around the world. To see what this is all about and enter the breathing […]

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