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Mindfulness and Manifesting

When we remain mindful, choose peace, and entertain faith we allow the creative vibrations to move through us freely. The vibrations arrange themselves into positive patterns that are in alignment with our abundant Universe, true Source and our desires.

What is Personal Power? Who has it?

Short excerpt from a chapter in my up coming book: Personal Power is high vibrating energy loaded with love, patience, heart essence, endurance, hope, discernment, kindness, desire and passion. It is energy that radiates from the Heart Center of all individuals who are in alignment with who they are and with All That Is. Personal […]

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A Better World~Sacred Love

This is from Listen to this song daily and imagine living in a better world …a world of equality, unity and harmony leaders with integrity who serve with honesty and transparency a world of abundance …clean air, food and water for everyone …freedom for everyone a world of happiness a world of peace a […]

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Law of Abundance~Closing the Gap of Separation

The separation between the life many people live and the life they desire has become topic of conversation with the Cosmic Laws: Law of Attraction and Law of Abundance leading the way. As people awaken from the deep sleep of living life unconsciously many are truly wondering and wanting to know how to close this […]


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