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Once upon a Time

Once upon a time I loved deeply.
Then one day the object of my love began to frighten me.
Fear grew and behaviors began to twist.
Unchecked, fear took over.
The one I once loved so deeply I began to hate.

Master Higher Levels of Consciousness

For our consciousness to rise up sustainably, we must support it with both healthy loving thoughts and actions. It is a combination of releasing the old and nurturing the new. To master levels of consciousness that are free of denial, guilt, fear and judgment allowing truth and love to flow through us, to us and from us we must practice what we to know to be true.

St Francis of Assisi~ A Simple Prayer

Today’s post consists of a simple yet powerful prayer from St Francis of Assisi.I chose this because it speaks of the power we have to make positive changes in our lives and in the lives of others. It also serves as a reminder that somewhere deep inside each of us there is the courage, the strength and the wisdom to be the instrument of peace. It reminds us that we have the power of choice and when we choose wisely we are capable of being instruments of healing on many levels. Remember our unity, our oneness, and allow this prayer to serve as a guide to sow seeds of love.

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Mindfulness and Manifesting

When we remain mindful, choose peace, and entertain faith we allow the creative vibrations to move through us freely. The vibrations arrange themselves into positive patterns that are in alignment with our abundant Universe, true Source and our desires.