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Dream within a Dream

The majority of my time is now spent in the dream of creating and sharing my music. I feel a sense of having come full circle. The experiences of writing the book and all that came with it stretched my mind and so it is that I see the natural blending of these two dreams of living life whole, happy, and free doing what makes my heart say “Yes girl you are on the right path.”

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Once upon a Time

Once upon a time I loved deeply.
Then one day the object of my love began to frighten me.
Fear grew and behaviors began to twist.
Unchecked, fear took over.
The one I once loved so deeply I began to hate.

Let your Experience be the catalyst for positive change

Experience is the catalyst for real change. How you perceive your experience makes a difference. Let go of anything you might be holding from those experiences so you can drink from the well spring of wisdom. This is where the real magic begins. As we lighten up, our vibrational signature begins to rise up.

You are not alone~Free the God Energy Within

There is an old African Proverb that says “ When you pray move your feet” I think it is telling us it is time to apply action to the things we know to be true and the tools we are gathering to assist us in our evolution. Too often we underestimate what we are capable of and what we really know yet some how it nudges us for our attention.

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St Francis of Assisi~ A Simple Prayer

Today’s post consists of a simple yet powerful prayer from St Francis of Assisi.I chose this because it speaks of the power we have to make positive changes in our lives and in the lives of others. It also serves as a reminder that somewhere deep inside each of us there is the courage, the strength and the wisdom to be the instrument of peace. It reminds us that we have the power of choice and when we choose wisely we are capable of being instruments of healing on many levels. Remember our unity, our oneness, and allow this prayer to serve as a guide to sow seeds of love.

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A Life Reveiw on Judgment~Sharing a personal discovery

Unhealthy patterns are self created not because we were bad, stupid, weak or unworthy but because we were innocent, tender, unskilled and felt unsafe. Then fear drives us apart from our own divinity.

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Forgiveness and Faith

Forgiveness is a key that liberates one from past hurts and pain. Faith is necessary as it can take time for the feeling of forgiveness to be true.