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Dream within a Dream

The majority of my time is now spent in the dream of creating and sharing my music. I feel a sense of having come full circle. The experiences of writing the book and all that came with it stretched my mind and so it is that I see the natural blending of these two dreams of living life whole, happy, and free doing what makes my heart say “Yes girl you are on the right path.”

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Lasting Happiness

 Are you ready to be happy ? Are you willing to do what it takes to experience “Lasting Happiness?” Most of us know happiness is not dependent upon what we have or what is our station in life etc. etc. etc. so I won’t go into that. There is evidence of this everywhere. Here begins […]

How Do I Get Happy?

When we are experiencing happiness we are on the threshold of manifesting our hearts desire. Some practical and basic things will lead us in the direction of happiness. Taking in beautiful sites sounds and smells stimulate the brain by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever. This in turn lifts our mood and we begin to feel peaceful. Peace and freedom lead to happiness.

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Self-Love ~ What does it look like? What does it feel like?

Contrary to what many people believe, those that love themselves deeply do not spend the majority of their days thinking about themselves. The peace that accompanies self-love provides ample room in their consciousness and their life to think of others, to care for others, to share with others and to think of true Source God/Goddess.

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Master Higher Levels of Consciousness

For our consciousness to rise up sustainably, we must support it with both healthy loving thoughts and actions. It is a combination of releasing the old and nurturing the new. To master levels of consciousness that are free of denial, guilt, fear and judgment allowing truth and love to flow through us, to us and from us we must practice what we to know to be true.

Emotional Container

When we are a masterful container for our emotions we do not drown in emotions nor do we drown others in our emotional expression. When we are able to contain our emotions we are ensuring ourselves of an ample supply of energy. Remember to contain emotions is not restricting the flow. Rather we are in balance with truthful expression imbued with love. Even anger can be permeated with the feeling and uplifting clarity of love, if we allow it.

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Seven Self help Steps To Health and Happiness

Step One: Smile! Smile! As soon as you wake up, even before you open your eyes, put a smile on your face. Whisper or silently say, “This is a great day thank-you for it.” The first time you see your face in the mirror in the morning smile at yourself. Every time during the day […]