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Meditation~ Self Hood~ Reclaiming what has been lost

Any life experiences that have overwhelmed us, traumatized us or brought on feelings of great shame or guilt are just a few of the reasons we fragment and lose parts of ourselves. Some people have been in controlling and manipulative relationships since childhood. Much gets lost in these types of relationships.

Total Health Includes Your Brain

9 tips for maintaining the health and functionality of your brain. I would like to share some brain boosting information and activities in the hope that you may find them fun, helpful, and useful. As we walk into the new age we are being called into action. This means the information we are bringing in must be digested and made useful. We are to put into action that which we know will bring us closer to who we have always been, divine children of a loving Creator.

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Alone Time and Creative Energy

I have lived great pieces of time in solitude. It may not make me an expert but it does make me experienced.  What is life, if not experience? Fore how can one truly know anything if it is not felt deep within the heart. All things learned in books must one day settle upon the […]