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Mindfulness and Manifesting

When we remain mindful, choose peace, and entertain faith we allow the creative vibrations to move through us freely. The vibrations arrange themselves into positive patterns that are in alignment with our abundant Universe, true Source and our desires.

Recover Personal Power~Closing the Gap of Separation*part 2

What is the gap and what does it separate us from? The gap is the chasm we create when we are unable to accept our self, our experience and on some level are less than honest with our feelings and our thoughts. It is the distance between who we think we are and the divine […]

Are You Having An Affair With Dysfunction?

Some people hear themselves say they hate something or some situation. Some even know that what they think precedes the spoken word. Taken a step further some people even know they create their reality by their own thoughts and feelings. Still they chose to remain in unhappy situations changing neither the pattern of thought nor […]

Conscious Manifestation of our Desires

Desire is the magnetic energy that attracts the light. The essence of the light is love. Our thoughts and feelings add necessary detail to the form and shape our desires take as they come into gross matter. Whatever we are feeling and thinking about the strongest is always what we create. Are your desires of […]

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A Conscious Rise Above Survival

Survival Instinct: Many people who live in a constant state of stress are unconsciously activating the survival instinct also referred to as the flight-fight syndrome. A state of denial accompanies ongoing stress. This can make a person feel anxious, depressed and desperate. The choices that are made are largely unconscious and out of balance. They […]


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