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Earth Day and the Root Charka

A day or week-end in April is designated as Earth Day. It is my hope people come to honor and acknowledge the Earth all 365 days a year. The earth is a feminine planet called Earth Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Nature and Gaia or Mother Gaia. (Gaia comes from ancient Greek and was the primal […]

Recover Personal Power~Closing the Gap of Separation*part 2

What is the gap and what does it separate us from? The gap is the chasm we create when we are unable to accept our self, our experience and on some level are less than honest with our feelings and our thoughts. It is the distance between who we think we are and the divine […]

Law of Abundance~Closing the Gap of Separation

The separation between the life many people live and the life they desire has become topic of conversation with the Cosmic Laws: Law of Attraction and Law of Abundance leading the way. As people awaken from the deep sleep of living life unconsciously many are truly wondering and wanting to know how to close this […]