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Who have you become in the process of living life? Has change been kind or have you strayed from who you know yourself to be ? Only you know for certain and you do know.

Love Serves..that is the nature of Love

Love serves, because it is the nature of Love to give, and it is not concerned with nor does it expect acknowledgement of its Gifts. Gratitude is beautiful, however, Become the Love that does not wish to possess, for then Love is truly Divine. Allow Love to flow freely. Direct the flow consciously. Energy is […]

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Once upon a Time

Once upon a time I loved deeply.
Then one day the object of my love began to frighten me.
Fear grew and behaviors began to twist.
Unchecked, fear took over.
The one I once loved so deeply I began to hate.

Share Your Wisdom

Giving advice or guidance that is born of experience is likened to an explorer who found a way from here to there then created a road map for others. The road map would help those interested in venturing further into the great unknown.
Our consciousness is like a vast territory waiting to be discovered.

On Being a Guru, teacher, healer, guide or expert

Honesty is the best policy. That is an old saying. It applies as much to ourselves as it does to all of life. Be honest with your level of skill. You may be a master at one thing and a beginner at another. Do not attempt to be a master at something you have just begun to learn.